SB 9 and SB 10 Will Make Your Community Unaffordable & Unrecognizable: Video/Slides by United Neighbors

South San Francisco, CA   February 26, 2021 by Livable California


At a recent Livable California teleconference on how to fight state Sen. Scott Wiener and the nightmare bills SB 9 and SB 10, community leader Maria Kalban explained how she created a huge new statewide group, United Neighbors.


United Neighbors is 75-groups strong and growing, with homeowner, neighborhood and renter organizations from the Bay Area, L.A., the coasts, the valleys and Inland Empire. All fighting Wiener’s pre-COVID dream of suffocating us in dense, unaffordable, luxury housing.


We’re blasting out to you the wildly popular Feb. 20 presentation by Maria and Jeff Kalban. Watch, share!



Incredible slideshow by architect Jeff Kalban of a suburb morphing into a dense jumble without yards, garages or trees. And not ONE affordable unit.


  • Slides: The morphing, in a silent slideshow format is HERE
  • Slides: A shorter version, edited by Livable California, is HERE


Newly founded United Neighbors’ key goals: Preserve single-family neighborhoods; Protect open spaces and environments; Ensure local control so housing is built in appropriate areas with adequate infrastructure; Create housing in commercial areas and on publicly owned land;


We urge neighborhood, homeowner, and renter groups who oppose takeover of local land-use control, mass upzoning, and displacement of communities: join United Neighbors HERE.


United Neighbors presentation is also at Livable California’s site here.


Livable California is small fry, up against millions of developer dollars. Please donate to Livable California here. Thank you very much!


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