Letter to Editor: Environmental Destruction, Loss of Biodiversity, and Pandemics

South San Francisco, CA March 17, 2021 by Jeffrey Tong

There was a free food giveaway for the poor at Skyline College in San Bruno today, and it REQUIRED a car pickup.

Ironic, since car ownership is one of the highest expenses for the poor!

The line of idling cars stretched all around the campus – a waste of gasoline!

Moreover, Skyline College is still using herbicides and pesticides all over its grounds!  That is absolutely devastating to native plants and wildlife!

Have San Mateo County government, cities, and school districts done anything to reduce environmental destruction, increase biodiversity, and the lessen future panedemics?  Hardly!

Justified by Covid-19, Californians have INCREASED ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION from petroleum and petroleum byproducts.

Lacking any positive steps by government, our only hope is for private property owners to increase biodiversity on their own property. Sadly, evidenced by the mountain of trash being dumped on the streets every day, US Americans “don’t give a damn!”

maybe covid should have won, it would
at the least, cleansed the gene pool
-Mel Perry

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