Letter to Editor: SSFUSD Re-Opening Plan

South San Francisco, CA  March 22, 2021 by Jasmin Sutter

I’m a parent in SSFUSD, and I’m a bit appalled by the re-opening plan.

I have patiently waited and even contemplated pulling my children from this district and putting them in private school so they could be given the opportunity to learn, in class with their peers. But I kept them because I had faith after a year of all of this you all would get it together.


But to see that the only option is a 1:30-3:30 pm option after a morning of continued remote learning is an absolute JOKE! My kindergartner and 2nd grader are tapped out by noon because of how much they hate zoom and then to say well here’s more work to be done if you want some sort of school experience.



The people who run this district must not;

A: have kids of their own or

B: aren’t really taking into consideration the needs and capabilities of younger kids.


My husband and I both grew up here, went to Ponderosa, Alta Loma, and SSFHS and it’s a shame to see how SSFUSD has handled this past year.


How are public schools in other surrounding cities able to figure this out and we’re getting the bare minimum at the last hour before summer starts? Private schools have figured it out since Oct 2020. If I paid SSF Park and Rec I could have sent them back. How did I send my child to the Big Lift for a morning in class setting over the summer at an SSFUSD school???


I understand this is not an easy time any of us are living in, but the fact that districts around us (all over the Bay Area) have figured it out and we can’t makes me seriously question who’s in charge down at the district office.  I hope by the fall semester (a year and a half by then) you’ll have finally figured out how to safely open the schools 5 days a week.  It’s absolutely saddening to know at the end of the day if I paid money my children could have had a better school year – especially my kindergartner who lost the most exciting school year because SSFUSD did the bare minimum.  The only good thing is how amazing their teachers have been through this nightmare.


You’re very lucky to have Ms. Son and Ms. Wells working for this district.


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