Local Commercial Fishermen Receive COVID Vaccine at Pillar Point Harbor

South San Francisco, CA   March 13, 2021 Submitted by SMCHD

Vaccination Site Held at Pillar Point Harbor


Pillar Point Harbor was proud to work with Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association and the County of San Mateo to provide a location for a vaccination site on Thursday, March 11, 2021. Commercial fishermen, who are essential works and provide a food source to the public, were the recipients of the vaccine. Harbor Commissioner President Virginia Chang Kiraly, Commissioner Tom Mattusch, and Harbormaster Chris Tibbe were on-site and said everything went well.



Board President Virginia Chang Kiraly said “The Harbor District is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association to ensure that San Mateo County’s commercial fishermen, considered essential workers, received the COVID vaccine. Commercial fishing is part of California’s agriculture industry, an economic driver for the state, so Pillar Point Harbor, the home of San Mateo County’s commercial fishing industry, became a vaccination site on Thursday. Safety is of the utmost importance to the Harbor District and the Harbor Board. We’re glad that we could help San Mateo County’s commercial fishing fleet stay safe as they continue to provide fresh seafood to our residents, as well as residents along the entire west coast, and continue contributing to the economic recovery in San Mateo County.”


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