South City Teacher Isaul Beltran Seeking Funding for New Film Project Based on Kanan: The Last Padawan Fan Film

South San Francisco, CA  March 15, 2021

Hello! My name is Isaul Beltran, a teacher and filmmaker from South City! I have been working on a Star Wars fan film for some time now, and I just launched an Indiegogo campaign. Please check it out! Any contribution will help, if not please share! Thank you!



My name is Isaul Beltran, a teacher, filmmaker, and passionate Star Wars fan from San Francisco, California.

Currently, I teach third grade because I find serving my community to be very rewarding. In my spare time I run a film “studio” called Oiga Mi Gente Productions, with my wife, brother, and friends. Before that, I had another “studio” that my brother and I started when we were kids called, Kids Cool Movies Productions.

The last few years, we have dedicated ourselves to making thought provoking films that make some comment on life’s inner workings. Which is why I feel that this particular Star Wars story is one we must tell!

Our fan film is loosely based on the comic, Kanan: The Last Padawan, by Greg Weisman. It takes place somewhere within the beginning of Rebels Season 3 where Kanan is remembering where he was the day order 66 was enacted.



How You Can Help! 

With your help, our production will run smoothly. Your gracious donations will pay for costumes, props, equipment, the crew, and locations. For example, one thing we are planning to do is build the part of the Ghost which is Kanan’s room. We are also purchasing a custom made commander grey clone trooper costume. Please take a look at our expenses in more detail and some of the ways we will use your money.




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