SSFPD Media Release: Arrest Made- Foot Pursuit/ Armed Subject

South San Francisco, CA  March 23, 2021 Submitted by SSFPD

On March 21, 2021, South San Francisco Police Officers contacted a subject [Hayward resident] in a parking lot on the 100 block of East Grand Avenue. The subject was discovered to be on probation out of Alameda County for Burglary. During the contact, the subject abruptly fled from officers towards Gateway Boulevard. After a lengthy foot pursuit, the subject was ultimately safely detained by pursuing officers.


Officers searched the subject’s vehicle, and located two window punch devices, and one Smith and Wesson firearm case, which contained one loaded magazine and one box of ammunition. Officers conducted a thorough search of the path the suspect took during the foot pursuit, and located one loaded semi-automatic firearm as well as a loaded magazine, directly adjacent to the sidewalk the suspect fled from officers on.


The suspect was subsequently placed under arrest for various firearm related offenses, as well as resisting arrest and possession of burglary tools.




**good job! thank you for keeping our city safe.

-Abbie Mcgreevy


**which leads to the question? are east
bay criminals that stupid, that they
would cross the bay to.commit crimes? or do they know something
that we don’t know?

-Mel Perry


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