Witnesses to Auto Accident Sought: Feb 25th 6:45PM at Grand/Linden Accident

South San Francisco, CA  March 9, 2021 by SSF Resident

Can you please post anonymously:


I am looking to see if there are any witnesses that are willing to help give a statement to our insurance company for an accident that occurred on Thursday 2/25 at 6:45pm on Grand Avenue and Linden Avenue when a car went around a left turning yielding car and crashed into a truck that was also yielding left.”


The opposing driver lied to our insurance company and the police report wasn’t enough proof that he was at fault, because the other driver claimed he was going straight and failed to mention the yielding car in front of him.


Now we may be stuck with the cost of repairs because he was uninsured, expired registration and had no plates. If someone comes forward please send them my way privately so we can connect and exchange contact info. (contact News@EverythingSouthCity.com )


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mel perry
mel perry
2 years ago

what about the surveillance cameras
at the intersection also linden & baden?
also the liquor store on the corner?