CONGRATS to -Michael Ghiglieri – GAME ON Winner for EASTER FAMILY DINNER Compliments of A BLACK TIE AFFAIR!!

South San Francisco, CA  April 1, 2021

We LOVE being able to offer fun GAME ON Contests and all the great responses our neighbors share. Our winners are randomly chosen because if it were up to us – You’d all win! So, this GAME ON Winner is ….

Michael Ghiglieri


Michael will enjoy a full family Easter meal, serving up to 6 with his choice of Brunch or Dinner, offered by




A Black Tie Affair offers family dinners EVERY night of the week, with the option of single servings too!

Pickup in South City or FREE delivery to our local neighbors here! A full catering serving,

A Black Tie Affair is excited to be part of YOUR next event – check out their website HERE

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Please support those who support ESC and our community!



Our GAME ON question brought over 35 awesome responses and we hope you enjoy reading them below –

and we wish everyone a very productive spring as we move forward.


Spring brings to us new beginnings and we ask,

what are the new beginnings you looking forward to?

COMMENTS via website:


**New beginnings I am looking forward to for my family are moving into a new home and get outside more now that we are moving into less restrictive tiers! We are absolutely excited to be in a new space in just a few short weeks. Being able to take the kiddos out more will also feel like a new beginning.

Veronika Espinoza


**We are looking forward to our daughter’s 18th birthday in August! She has had a very rare, life-threatening lung disease for the past 13 years. They told us she would not make it past age 9! The Lord has been performing a MIRACLE through her. We are very blessed! This is going to be the BEST year ever!

Clarissa State


**Looking forward to meeting new faces and actually able to see them without masks and without fear. Watching snd observing how this pandemic changed peoples outlook on how precious life is. So my answer would be new beginnings start from within

Lina shetaya


**I look forward to the sun, a family gathering within our social bubble to catch up on everything! Share a meal and just enjoying the time we have with each other!

-Trisha Rodriguez


**With spring, I have several new beginnings I am looking forward to.

1. Being able to be with all our family members in person again.

2. Being able to talk to my neighbors without wearing a mask.

3. The hope that all this hate in the world transforms to love.

-Michael Ghiglieri


COMMENTS via social media:

**Looking forward to our 30th wedding anniversary this year!  The pics of your easter brunch/dinner look so delicious and amazing. Thanks for doing these give-aways.

Kimberly Azucena


**Be able to hug all my 6 grandkids, celebrate birthdays, graduations and first communions. Be able to bring my elderly mother to the malls where she can watch people come and go. Most of all, so looking forward to go inside my church again. I know someone is patiently and lovingly waiting for me and my family! Oh, what Joy!

Edda Leviste-Palad Policar


**Celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary with husband and I both hopefully vaccinated!

Sharon Yep


**Being able to see my Mom and sister after 18months!

Victoria Lau


**I am looking forward to new beginnings when it’s my turn to be vaccinated!

-Kylie Hicks


**Excited and looking forward to my 65th year of life and 40th wedding anniversary

Janine M. Greenwald


**I am looking to hug family and friends after my 2nd vaccination! Woo hoo!

-Brandi Magner


**Transitioning my school age kid back to school/social life with his friends!!

Kimberly N. Kern



**My last babies Baptism, hopefully in June! He has not been able to do all the fun stuff his two older twin brothers have. He prefers to say hi to family over face time and

gets scared when he sees them face to face from a distance. I’m hoping we can have a small party for him and begin his path to Catholicism as his brothers did! We are

looking forward to going to be in a church too! Picture of my little hermit crab

-Carolina Victoria Salinas


**Looking forward to seeing my dad. I haven!5 seen him in 4 years; had to cancel our plans last year to visit.
-Kris Harper Ortner


**I look forward to spending time with my mom, she is waiting her turn to get the vaccine ?
-Trisha R. Rodriguez


**Looking forward, once again to sharing a delicious meal with family and friends at the same table.
-Steve Firpo


** Looking forward for The easter mass and resurrection of the Lord.
The greener grass, the budding flowers and warmth weather! ☺️??
-Dian Flores


**Looking forward to jumping into activities or maybe starting new Seniors activities at Magnolia Center

=Wendy Sinclair-Smith
**Looking forward to a beautiful outdoor Easter service with my church New North.
Sean Byrd
** Looking forward to meet with family to celebrate Easter Sunday.
-Maritza Y. Rodriguez
** Alone for the second easter. I’m looking forward to getting my second Covid-19 vaccination so I can visit the new grand baby at the end of April
-Loretta Fornaciari

COMMENTS via email:

**First time playing one of your Game on Games, I was turned on to Everything South City by my fiancee, as she was born and raised in SSF. I was born and raised in Massachusetts until the early 90’s. Here’s my answer to the Game On Question.

Spring brings to us new beginnings and we ask,
what are the new beginnings you’re looking forward to?
With all the sadness and death happening all around us recently given the Covid-19 Pandemic and all, I have been praying and hoping for New Beginnings for everyone, especially those whom have been severally affected by covid-19, either those whom unfortunately had and survived or have had it the worst and lost loved ones. Looking for a fresh start for our community in forms of less suffering, more helpfulness neighbor to neighbor, as even the littlest things are some of the biggest for those who don’t have much.
The opening of stores and other entertainment options of course with ultimate Safety and complete structure to ensure we can continue to keep our numbers in regards to covid-19 going down and down.
More Personally, praying for a New beginning for unfortunately the third time, for my dad to again beat Prostate Cancer. He has had Prostate Cancer this would be the Third time and of course given his age (84) it makes the risks so much more serious and like the previous two times, burning out the cancer was the most efficient and effective way, which the last time was 15 years up until now, which we just found out a week or two ago. He is such a strong and healthy man, and I can only keep trying and learning to hopefully live as long and be the best man just as he was and has been my whole life.
One more thing, would be to finally tie the knot with my Fiancee of 6 years now. We have both separately and together been through what would normally end relationship’s, but the bond, trust, loyalty we both have for each other and as separate people is beyond unbreakable.
This meal would be an amazing start at the hopeful New Beginnings as we spend it with my father, as he goes in for surgery on April 8th to surgically remove this horrible disease for the third and LAST time. This is also to be one of his final meals due to pre op instructions.
Thanks for the Opportunity to enter as a not so new SSF resident but for the past 8 years or so, and definitely a follower and fan of Everything South City, you guys are awesome.
-Kanaan Aldouri

**Aloha:I look forward to my cruise booked for April 2022! I look forward to days to be spent with family and friends to catch up on gatherings and to show appreciation for everyone.
Blessings and thank you.

-Helen Fong


**I look forward to being able to once again celebrate holidays in person, and to hug my family and friends once we are all vaccinated. We have taken so much for granted and the pandemic made me realize how life is too short and we should enjoy each and everyday even if it is not together.

-Laura Walsh

**Spring forward with new appreciation for everyone and everything!


**I am looking forward to getting vaccinated and beginning to sit down in a restaurant for a meal!-

-Joel Borlaza


**The new beginnings I am looking forward to is our community finally being able to heal from the effects of 2020 pandemic. That the vaccines will help bring an end to this horrible disease that has taken so many lives all too soon and the families that are left behind to mourn the loss of their loved ones! I would also love to see an end to the hate that is currently going on in the Asian community!

-Kim Whitlow


**I am looking forward to getting together with family & friends. It’s been over a yr since we got together

-Olga Escamilla


**What I am most looking forward to is being able to go out and seeing people I haven’t seen in over a year.


**Hello Again Everything South City,

As a born and raised South City Kid, Now Adult, I absolutely love what Everything South City Embodies and represents for our entire community and then some. Here is my Entry/Answer to the Game On Question.
Spring brings to us new beginnings and we ask,
what are the new beginnings you looking forward to?
       During these unpredictable, difficult times this past year or so with thr Covid-19 Pandemic, I have started to see the littlest of normalcy our community and beyond is desperately grasping at to return to a somewhat normal every day life, with that I hope for even the smallest New Beginnings for those hot hardest, lost loved ones, Unfortunately caught & beat covid-19 with lingering symptoms to remain strong, regain health and positivity as time is a very special thing we sometimes take for granted and lose when it comes to spending it the right way, with family and friends. New Beginnings as far as our whole country goes, with a new leader(President) and the direction he decides with others to lead us in in hopes of restoring our economy and getting people back to work and other Unfortunate not to have stable housing or enough food to feed their families. As much as we all think of ourselves and our close ones, there is always many others whom continue to suffer far beyond just what this pandemic had caused, my hope for them is possible their first and most important New Beginnings or maybe even a multiple New Beginning as we all as humans strive to make the best of the lives we are currently living. Remember to be kind to one another, smile, offer help if able, the littlest of any kindness can make someone’s day the absolute best and makes you feel even better knowing you made someone smile today 😉
Cristal Powell




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