CPUC Claims PG&E Fails to Address Serious Flaws in its 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan

South San Francisco, CA  April 14, 2021 Submitted by CPUC {note PGE responses at bottom}

In PG&E’s latest filing at the CPUC, the utility continues its pattern of ignoring wildfire safety recommendations. Specifically, PG&E has again failed to address the serious flaws the Public Advocates Office’s roadmap to improve safety identified in PG&E’s wildfire safety plan.


PG&E has been working to evade effective oversight and accountability at every step along the way.


Major Concerns in PG&E’s 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan – Identified by Public Advocates Office (full report attached)


Shoddy management. The company’s managers neglected to have staff prioritize inspections in high-risk areas, sent arborists to verify tree-trimming that hadn’t been done yet, failed to communicate inspection procedures to workers, and didn’t keep track of contractors’ performance.  Still, PG&E’s wildfire plan does not do enough to improve management oversight and quality of work.


Illogical tree-trimming program. PG&E trimmed trees in places where the fire threat is less serious instead of the neighborhoods with high wildfire risk.


Grid upgrades in the wrong places. PG&E is moving too slowly on improving its grid and is prioritizing areas with low wildfire risk. Grid upgrades should make the system that brings electricity to your house safer and more fire resistant. At PG&E’s proposed pace, it will take more than twenty years to reach all the areas with the highest wildfire risk.


More on PG&E pushing back on safety improvements


Independent safety monitor. Just yesterday, PG&E dug in its heels against having an effective and independent overseer who can make sure the utility operates safely. They want a monitor limited staff and access to outside experts.


Camp Fire. PG&E has steadfastly refused to accept its culpability for the Camp Fire. PG&E refuses to acknowledge that its inspection and maintenance of the transmission line that ignited the 2018 Camp Fire were deficient, despite the overwhelming evidence of poor record keeping and ineffective inspections presented in the PG&E Wildfire OII, and despite PG&E’s subsequent guilty plea. PG&E has instead given its top executives nearly $100 million in bonuses.


What is next in the process?


Regulators have an opportunity to require that PG&E fix its wildfire plans. The Public Advocates Office recommends the Wildfire Safety Division reject PG&E’s plan until it makes immediate changes to its plans to focus on the riskiest areas, adopt stronger oversight so it can better review its own safety performance, and beef up its inspections.


 Overview Below:

  • Public Advocates Office Reply Comments (Issued Today April 13)
  • PGE Reply Comments (Issued Today April 13)
  • PGE Reply to Protest (Issued yesterday April 12)
  • Public Advocates Office Opening Comments (Issued March 29 – outlines major deficiencies)




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