ESC Recommends Tacos el guero SSF Food Truck on Orange Ave and for Catering

South San Francisco, CA   April 5, 2021

Often we are asked for recommendations for different businesses and we do share the multitude of opinions given to us by locals, after all, Everything South City’s purpose is to share Local Hookups by Local Folks! And we have had raves continue for the excellent quality of food, service, and prices offered at Tacos el guero, and we agree.


Check out their TIKTOK HERE because it really IS raining tacos – at Tacos el guero SSF!


Last year the owners, Fatima and Alejandro, reached out to our community offering food to those who might not be able to afford anything to eat. These are our neighbors and local small business owners who work hard to provide for their families while realizing we are all one family in the greater scheme of life. MORE HERE


As we begin to open up a bit more, we’ve had some ask for recommendations for a Taco Truck and this is a great opportunity for us to give a bit of love to Tacos el guero and recommend them for any outdoor gatherings you may be planning to safely host. Call or text  (650) 995-0758


Last year, as many of us were feeling despair, this is what they posted on their Facebook page :


There have been times that we have had only $ 20 to feed ourselves and we have also had $ 100 to go out to eat. We have had a house full of food and many luxuries and other times we had nothing.

We have been in stores shopping carefree and also had to put things up for sale.
We have paid the bills on time and other times we had to pay late and with interest.
We have given money and we have also had to ask for it.

We all have ups and downs in life, some certainly more than others, but we are all trying to fight in this crazy and unfair life.
No one is better than anyone else, and my heart is sad for those who think they are.

No matter how big your house is, how your car is, or how much money you have in your bank account, we all have red blood and finally we will fade from this earth.
Death has no discrimination, not even his actions in life. Be kind to others, respectful, supportive and never let go of God’s hand

If you are out of a job, without food, please do not go to sleep on an empty stomach, especially if you have children.”

“Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send me a message, I will gladly share something with you, I do not have much but what I have I can share, they have taught me that where one eats, they eat 2, 3, etc.







This year is our time to remember those who carried us through the tough times,

They also endured tough times yet we’ve made it this far together.

Please do give Fatima and Alejandro a call when you need their services!

Visit their Food Truck on Orange Avenue between 10:30am-7pm most days.  (650) 995-0758

Follow them on FB HERE

Enjoy them on Tiktoc @ tacoselguerossf    TIKTOC HERE

We must support those who support us and our community.

Fatima & Alejandro – thank you!














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