State Senator Josh Becker Applauds San Mateo County’s $2 Million Investment to Provide Free College to 500 Students

South San Francisco, CA  April 12, 2021 Submitted by Leslie Guevarra, Office of Senator Becker

State Senator Josh Becker applauded San Mateo County’s $2 million investment to provide free college to 500 eligible students as part of San Mateo County Community College District’s Promise Scholars Program.


“The $2 million investment announced today by San Mateo County to provide free college to 500 students is exactly the type of bold leadership we need as we emerge from the pandemic. To me, investments like this are about improving equity and access to critical education and job training opportunities that are not readily available for all students graduating from under-resourced schools.


“This is why I, along with the San Mateo County Community College District, am championing policy as part of my education equity package to allow college districts to waive enrollment fees, meet the needs of students’ total cost of attendance, and increase student enrollment in the Promise Scholars Program. Together, my bill and this investment will expand free college for up to a historic 6,000 students at San Mateo Community College District by the 2022-23 school year.


“It cannot be ignored that many communities throughout the state were already facing deep economic pressures that were exacerbated by the pandemic. By removing financial barriers to college and job training, we are providing communities with the power to attain a more secure financial future.”


Last week, Senator Becker’s education equity package passed policy committee with unanimous, bipartisan support. The bills will expand access to higher education and move to close the digital divide.


Senate Bill 659 will empower community college districts to provide—and expand—equitable access to underrepresented student populations and those who demonstrate need. Specifically, the bill will allow community college districts with flexibility to waive or reduce student fees, such as enrollment fees, by using existing local funds as approved by community college districts’ respective governing boards. The bill is not a mandate and instead grants community college districts the authority to pursue such a course as approved by their respective governing boards and under policy that would be set by their governing boards.


SB 767 will create the statewide Digital Education Equity Program, called DEEP, to equitably provide education technology, network and professional development support to all California public school districts.






** Seems to be a RACIST approach

-R Lee


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steve m
steve m
5 months ago

ya free free everything. !! nothing is free or easy. nor should it be . someone’s paying for it. not likely mr. Becker’s donors living in the hills. who can benefit from this? probably race based by this guy’s MO . cost will be passed along to the average person going about there day working paying taxes and staying out of trouble. the silent majority.