Family Livelihood Gone Along with Stolen Work Truck – Please Help Find It!

South San Francisco, CA  May 25, 2021

As if this past year hasn’t been difficult enough, one of our South City families woke up to find their work truck stolen. And they really need our community’s help in finding it. Please help circulate the flyer below while keeping an eye out for this truck as well.

“My husband’s work truck was stolen and that is my family’s livelihood” Ms Alfonso told us. “It is a Ford 350 truck, license plate number 01441D2.”

Should you see this truck, please contact the police and reference report # 21-3073.

The family can also be contacted at 650-873-1218 and the SSFPD anonymous tip line is 650-952-2244

The truck was stolen from the area near Orange Park around Commercial Avenue.


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