Restaurant Review: A MUST Visit to Café Capistrano in Half Moon Bay

South San Francisco, CA  May 31, 2021

Café Capistrano located at 523 Church Street in Half Moon Bay offers the best in Mayan Cuisine, as well as some traditional American favorites Best of both worlds – go try them today!


A tip from South City’s Juan Bustos to visit Café Capistrano brought about enough curiosity to make it a go to for a midday meal. Juan is a world traveler with his non-profit group Baseball Without Borders, so we knew his recommendation must be a good one, and it was.

Café Capistrano owner Arturo, pictured here with Juan Bustos of Baseball Without Borders

Café Capistrano is a family owned restaurant that has been in business over 25 years and has a thriving clientele of happy customers, we met a few during our visit this past week. The owner, Arturo Mui {*edit typo 7/20} is from the Yucatan area of Mexico, where he learned this special style of cooking, using the freshest ingredients and lots of amazing spices known to that region. He welcomes his customers as if they were family, his long time clients as well as those just stopping by.

Easy free street parking and outdoor patio dining are available at Café Capistrano

Located at 523 Church Street (at Miramontes) in the picturesque town of Half Moon Bay, Café Capistrano is set in an old Victorian house which further accentuates the feeling of being at home when there.  Your first look of the Café shows off the beautiful landscaping that flourish on the grounds, with both stairs and a ramp for easy access inside, where patio dining is also offered. Street parking available.

This spice is the perfect addition to any dish – and luckily Café Capistrano bottles it fresh for you to purchase! Brings a whole new meaning to CALIENTE’! Be sure to pick up a bottle before you leave!

The menu is pretty extensive with some wonderful choices – for starters we enjoyed a trio plate that included Panuco, Salbute, and Empanda.

This plate was soon empty- and a few bites were missing when we finally thought to slow down to take a photo! 


One of our main courses consisted of Cochinita Pibil, a slow roasted pork wrapped in banana leafs that is a traditional Mayan dish that Arturo learned how to make in the Yucatan. And their enchilada’s, with their special sauce known to the Yucatan, is highly recommend as well!!

Cochinita Pibil, a slow roasted pork wrapped in banana leafs served with Mayan coleslaw, beans, rice and garnishes.


We had to ask Juan what was his favorite dish, “FISH TACOS” came his reply.

Juan Bustos favorite meal is the Fish Taco Plate – a favorite among locals who love fresh fish too!

While Everything South City tends to focus on our own amazing eateries, we celebrate the diversity of cuisine we find just a short distance from our City borders. Half Moon Bay is a wonderful destination for a day trip – next time you are over the hill in HMB – you have to go tell Arturo hello and enjoy an incredible authentic Mayan meal. And not to worry, if not everyone in your group is excited to try something new, Café Capistrano also offers traditional American foods like Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Hamburgers. Something special for everyone at Café Capistrano, as you can see from the menu below!




523 Church Street
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 726-7699

Follow them on IG @cafecapistrano.hmb

And FBé-Capistrano


One last item we’d like to share. It is not only this incredible cuisine that has brought Juan and Arturo together, it is their passion to help others.

Juan is the founder of Baseball Without Borders which is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing baseball to the children of the world. To that end, Arturo was instrumental in bringing BWB donated gear to children in the Yucatan.

If you are interested in learning more about BWB, please contact Juan HERE.


“BWB continues to work for the children of the baseball world. This time for the children of Akil, Yucatan, Mx. These children are often the forgotten ones. We thank Arturo from Cafe Capistrano, in Half Moon Bay, CA. for his help in getting this equipment to the children.”

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2 years ago

Awesome restaurant, but his name is Arturo Mul.

Heidi Beck
Heidi Beck
2 years ago

We’ve eaten at Cafe Capistrano and it’s great! Very flavorful! And the ambiance in the old house is charming.