San Mateo County Great Plates Delivered Program Still Enrolling Older Adults!

South San Francisco, CA  May 5, 2021 Submitted by County of San Mateo

The Great Plates Delivered Program delivers delicious FREE meals three times a day, six days a week from local restaurants to participating San Mateo County residents. The program continues to enroll adults 65 or older or 60-64 with medical conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.


If you or someone you know fits this age requirement and

1) is unable to safely obtain or make their own meals,

2) is not currently getting regular meal help from a friend or family,

3) is not currently receiving CalFresh, Meals on Wheels, or other government food programs, and

4) has an income of less than $74,940 for one adult or $101,460 for two adults, that person may be eligible for this program.

Please call 1-800-675-8437 for more information or to sign up.

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