South San Francisco Celebrates Public Works Week

South San Francisco, CA  May 18, 2021 Submitted by Leslie Arroyo, City of South San Francisco

The South San Francisco Public Works Department provides, maintains, and improves the structures and services that assure a higher quality of life for our City. It’s our streets, roads, bridges, and public transportation that keep us linked together, and it’s clean water and sanitation services that keep us healthy and allow our community to grow and prosper.


“Every May, we celebrate National Public Works Week – it’s a time to recognize and thank our more than 80 South San Francisco Public Works employees who work tirelessly throughout the year to keep us all connected,” said South San Francisco Mayor Mark Addiego.


Despite the risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Works professionals worked in the city every day, twenty-four hours a day, to keep the city operating and serve the needs of our residents. In the last year, Public Works has accomplished many municipal improvements involving the City’s facilities, roads, and utilities. This includes inspecting and servicing 132 sewer laterals; flushing more than 50 miles of the City’s sanitary sewer main for blockage prevention; collecting over 300 tons of debris from street sweeping; addressing more than 4,000 services requests from the public through the City’s Engage SSF app; installing 10 BigBelly smart and solar waste and recycling units in the downtown area to streamline operations and collection efficiencies; completing the installation of 4.2 miles of bicycle lanes as part of the Bike Lane Gap Closure Project; completing pavement rehabilitation of nearly 21,000 square yards of arterial and collector streets median improvements along El Camino Real between Noor Ave and Spruce Ave; completing street surface seal pavement maintenance of 351,000 square yards of arterial, collector, and residential streets; replacing 60 non-ADA-compliant curb ramps with ADA compliant curb ramps; and installing 19 speed humps on residential streets and four Speed Feedback Signs on residential streets to improve traffic calming.
“These infrastructure, facilities, and services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts of our South San Francisco Public Works professionals – please join us as we recognize the substantial contributions they make to protect our health, safety, and quality of life,” added Mayor Addiego.
As the City continues to progressively grow on a contemporary course while keeping its traditional flare, our Public Works Department proudly serves its mission with progressive momentum to support and sustain the City’s environment and infrastructure through responsiveness, innovation, and professionalism in partnership with our diverse community.
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