Strategy Day: How to Kill the 7 Bad Bills — Join Virtual Event Sat. May 15th 10am Livable California

South San Francisco, CA  May 14, 2021 by Livable California

Sen. Scott Wiener’s hated SB 50, which we all fought and killed in 2020, is hiding in 7 Bad Bills. On Sat., we’ll discuss The Second House Strategy for killing bad bills that make it out  of the “suspense” file and get approved by Appropriations.

Suspense file? Appropriations? Second House? Please translate!

Join us Sat. May 15 at 10 am for “Second House Strategy.” WHAT to do, and HOW, to kill the 7 Bad Bills. We welcome environmental, homeowner, anti-gentrification and community groups.

In 2020 the Assembly resisted arm-twisting by Senate Pres. Pro Tem Toni Atkins until the last seconds in which her SB 9 twin, SB 1120, could survive. She finally got a fragile majority just before midnight Aug. 31 –  too late! She couldn’t get to the Senate , for final approval.

Atkins says the death of SB 1120 was accidental. No, it wasn’t. Her hated bill died as it should.

Today, please share this 2-min. video about SB 9 and SB 10 from our friends at United Neighbors, a statewide group that arose from SoCal’s diverse homeowner crowd, a demographic Wiener Inc. can’t relate to.

This is an RSVP event. By 3 pm Fri., you must RSVP at this link. If you registered before, you’ll get a reminder with your all-important Zoom link. Don’t be confused by all those dates at the top of the Zoom notice. Zoom is weird that way. Issues? Email:


Finally, we ask you to please DONATE to Livable California now. We are small fry fighting tech giants and deep pockets who seek to pave over neighborhoods and compete with homebuyers.


Livable California is a non-profit statewide group of community leaders, activists and local elected officials. We believe in local answers to the housing affordability crisis. Our robust fight requires trips to Sacramento & a lobbyist going toe-to-toe with power. Please donate generously to here.




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