Environmental Solutionary Teacher Fellowship 2021/ 2022 Applications Now Available

South San Francisco, CA  June 5, 2021 h/t to Riechel Reports

The Environmental Solutionary Teacher Fellowship is a knowledge-to-action program that builds teacher capacity for designing and delivering learning experiences that are student-centered, problem-project-based, solutions-oriented, and integrates real-world environmental justice issues.

The Environmental Solutionary Teacher Fellowship structure is based on a number of research studies that outline components of successful professional development for educators, such as: efforts that are directly related to instruction and/or operations, engage adult learners in a collaborative community, include elements of accountability, range between 30 – 100 hours (average of 49 hours).

The fellowship is built around three key phases of professional learning: Knowledge, Action, and Reflection. Use the sections below to better understand the requirements and elements of each phase. All phases will be completed in a virtual format (with one possible in-person field based experience in November with a Community Based Partner).

For more information on this program please CLICK HERE


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