Everything South City Eats and Cooks with Chef Ava Marie: San Mateo County Fair Food Review

South San Francisco, CA  June 7, 2021 by Chef Ava Marie

On opening day at the San Mateo County Fair, I was there to see my entire community happy and together again. And yes, there was some social distancing in place in groups, so COVID safety precautions were in place. But overall it was a rewarding experience and I brought a few goodies home for Dad to enjoy. He is a fan of kettle corn so I was happy I got some for him, that I took home.


Few highlights at the fair; first it was very different than years past.  Next year it will be normalcy, I promise! Well, as long as you get vaccinated which you can do at the Fair now, for FREE! Plus there are incentives for getting your vaccine at the Fair including free admission, 20% off food voucher, or carnival wristbands! (more here)


Another fun thing is the sweets exhibits. They had a sweets exhibit, dedicated to ‘Sweets in Pop Culture’ from ‘I Love Lucy’ episode with See’s Candies, to the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was great, you have to check it out!

‘Dole Whip’ with Tajin was excellent – you have to try this at the Fair!


On the food side, I had to try the authentic ‘Dole Whip’ with Tajin.  It was so good and refreshing that I have decided to recreate it at home. I will so this for an upcoming Sour Patch Kids Chefs Roll Recipe Contest. That contest is only for chefs, bloggers like me, and culinary instructors.


So, I didn’t get to see anyone from our South City community.  I had to leave at 4:00 because my Dad said so. So, Wednesday my brother and I will be attending a Journey tribute concert, so If you see me. please say hi and take a selfie ok?


Thank you – until next week –  xoxo




Chef Ava

Ava Marie is a lifelong resident of South San Francisco and lives in Winston Manor with her family. Born with autism, Ava Marie has never let that, or anything else, get in the way of her goals. Her passion for cooking and teaching is contagious and she’ll have you cooking and baking up a storm in your own kitchen like a pro in no time! Chef Ava Marie has won several awards, authored cookbooks and offers live cooking demonstrations on her Facebook page. To read Everything South City articles on Chef Ava Marie CLICK HERE. To read her blog, full of great recipes, CLICK HERE. And follow her on Facebook CLICK HERE. If you have suggestions for recipes or have questions, please email Chef Ava Marie CLICK HERE.



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