Letter to Editor: Winston Manor Community Association NO on SB 9 and 10!

South San Francisco, CA July 21, 2021 by Marty Romero, Good and Welfare Director, Winston Manor Community Association






SSF City Council has scheduled a special meeting at the MSB Building on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.  

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting in person, to express their concerns.


Dear Editor,

The Winston Manor Community Association in SSF, as a group of concerned citizens, has been closely following Senate Bills 9 & 10.  We have expressed to SSF City Council, our concerns regarding the impacts that will result if these bills are passed by the California State Senate, State Assembly and signed by the Governor.


The result of these Bills will permanently alter the quality of life in every single-family home in SSF and in other cities in San Mateo County.  These Bills will result in a change in zoning that will allow a significant increase in density.  They will allow currently existing single-family residential lots, to construct up to 10 residential units per lot.


In effect, the State Senate is attempting to eliminate the existence of single-family homes and convert each lot into a multifamily housing project.


If approved, these changes will not occur overnight.  Eventually, when a property is sold or passed from current residents to future generations, these Bills will allow significant changes to occur to the character of existing single-family neighborhoods.


These Bills were designed to impact Cities that are in “transit-rich / job rich areas”.  The Bills are not targeting smaller cities in rural communities and were designed to modify a suburban city like SSF.


It is apparent that they were designed to increase housing availability for built out urban areas like San Francisco, through an increase in density in suburban locations like SSF, Daly City, San Bruno, Millbrae, etc.


The true purpose of these Bills is to create additional housing for employees who work in the City of San Francisco.


The authors of the Bills are trying to claim that they are trying to solve the affordable housing problem, which is not true.  These Bills will result in a reverse effect on affordable housing.


The Bills will displace lower income individuals, to increase housing availability for the wealthy.  Existing housing that is currently affordable, will be eliminated and lower income individuals will be forced to leave when properties are sold.


This is not a solution to increase affordable housing.  The loss of single-family homes that are currently affordable will be replaced with higher density, higher cost housing.


The Bills will not reduce the cost of housing or increase the availability of affordable housing.  Supply and demand will determine the cost for housing and will still be subject to market demand.


These Bills will create additional housing at a higher cost, which will be unaffordable to lower income individuals.  Future generations of lower income residents and many who currently reside in SSF, will also be forced to leave.


The quality of life that current residents have enjoyed and worked very hard to acquire will be lost for future generations, who will witness firsthand the changes that will occur to their neighborhoods.  An increase in density that will result in a 4 to 10 unit development on an existing single-family lot, will occur right next door.


There will be no usable outdoor space.  Backyard space for children and pets will be eliminated.  On street parking will be insufficient to serve the additional units and on-site parking will be inadequate to support a 4 to 10-unit development. The additional units will also increase the demand for parks and recreation, schools, and city services.


Existing lower cost housing will be eliminated and replaced with higher cost housing, which will result is the displacement and gentrification of lower income individuals.  New construction will be at a higher cost, unaffordable to the lower income individuals who were displaced.  This is how gentrification will result from these Bills.


The deceptive language of these Bills misrepresents its true intent.  These Bills will indirectly allow housing discrimination to occur to lower income individuals. By eliminating affordable housing and replacing it with higher cost housing, only the wealthy will be able to afford the increase in cost to live in the new developments.


These Bills are aimed directly at City of SSF neighborhoods and will adversely affect every single-family home in the city.  It is the position of the Board of Directors of the WMCA that these Bills are detrimental to the well-being of the community and to the economic welfare for current and future residents of the City of SSF.


In a letter to SSF City Council, the WMCA has requested that the City Council conduct a meeting to discuss SB 9 & 10.  We have asked SSF City Council to state their position jointly and individually for the record and to clearly indicate if they support or oppose Senate Bills 9 & 10.  As voters in the City of SSF we need to understand the reasoning behind their decision and justification for the position taken by each member of the SSF City Council.



Martin Romero, Good and Welfare Director, Winston Manor Community Association 


Below is a copy of the letter sent to the City Council on June 14, 2021

by the Winston Manor Community Association


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Glenn Barnhill
Glenn Barnhill
1 year ago

I am writing to draw attention to a recent decision by Sutter Health to permanently close the Mack E. Mickelson Arthritis and Rehabilitation Center Therapeutic Pool at the Mills Health Center in San Mateo.  

On July 26, 2021, we will celebrate the 31st anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The closure of this pool is a giant step backward from that historic accomplishment and disproportionately affects the physical and mental health of seniors and disabled bay area residents. 

The rehabilitation pool was originally built and financed entirely by community donations. Since its opening, thousands of bay area seniors and disabled residents have had hours of pain relieved, mobility restored and many years of life extended through water therapy in the pool. It is an immensely valuable community resource that needs to be saved. 

We are a group of over 3,300 seniors and disabled users along with their families, friends, clergy, therapists and other concerned citizens circulating a petition opposing the closure of the pool.  https://www.change.org/save-the-mickelson-pool We urge this paper to join us in requesting that Sutter Health reverse the decision to close this therapeutic pool that so many people depend upon for restoring and maintaining their health..

1 year ago

Our politicians need to get there heads out there asses and focus on keeping the sidewalks clean from over grown weeds and providing more police out there as well this not San Francisco as they are trying to do I moved here years ago cause how the city was then I understand progress but what expense

mel perry
mel perry
1 year ago

firstly, there is no.such item as “affordable housing”, it is a figment.of
the left wing, liberal, do.gooders, the
greedy landlords see to that, the entire
greater bay area is paying the price of
S.F.’s greater climb to be the power house leader of the greater bay area,
there are only two ways to solve our
present disaster, 1) get rid of all the left
wing extremist politicans, 2) hope and
pray for a major recession