84-unit Affordable Housing Project Breaks Ground at Grand Ave and Cypress Ave: Available in 2023

South San Francisco, CA  August 27, 2021

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The old Hot Shots, Roy’s Deli, more recently Ben Tre’s location at Grand Avenue and Cypress Avenue is ready for a new purpose as demolition is completed with a recent ground breaking for a 84-unit affordable housing project to be completed in 2023.

This 5-story housing project will also include 6,000 SF of retail, parking, and other amenities per the South San Francisco Economic Department. ROEM Development is funding this development through a combination of bonds, tax credits, and financial contributions from San Mateo County and the City of South San Francisco.  A lottery for the affordable units *to rent* should take place in early 2023, the Department states, yet we do not know if South City residents will have priority.

When asked what is considered ‘affordable’, the Department responded:

So, the affordable units will be targeted to residents making a range of income levels, set by the Federal government and San Mateo County. For example, a single person making less than $63,950, or a couple making up to $73,100, or a 4-person family making up to $91,350 per year, would qualify for the units. The rent levels are set based on income level. So in one of the examples above, a single person making $63,950/year would have their rent set at $1,599/month, which equates to 30% of their income.

There is much more to discuss, so we invite you to visit our housing division webpage at www.ssf,net/housing.

While many lament the high cost of housing and recognize the urgent need for affordable housing, there is equal concern about the continued increased density and the impact this has on the quality of life which brought people here to begin with. #GrowingPains

We do not have additional information about the lottery at this time and we will update when more info becomes available.


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Carolyn M Perrick
Carolyn M Perrick
6 months ago

IM SO SICK OF SHIT BEING DECIDED BEHIND OUR BACKS!!! They say what will make the belivers happy thats y SSF has been torn down and tossed away and made to look like the cheap mess it has become. Take an honest drive around the entire area of SSF and see the very boring dull little city and think about the beauty that the old world charm once alive with the history built into the homes, the past was a visible reminder of how SSF was born. Everything that once made SSF kinda cool has been destroyed replaced with the same lies being used now, is being torn down replaced by the bigger lie!! Ive rambled and can still go on because I recall what a great place SSF used to be before the nickname “SOUTH SHITTY” began.

Carolyn M Perrick
Carolyn M Perrick
6 months ago

This is such a BIGGER BS JOKE than the other GREED backed, CLOSED DOOR decision sessions void of us who have busted butt to keep the residential neighborhoods bought into the desire to NOT LIVE A BIG CITY lie, were kept out of the votes!!! Basically the low income housing not sec 8 projects is another lie pushed upon us is just a prop.

Marco Nunziati
Marco Nunziati
10 months ago

How about a family of four with income of about 50 k ?

G Oliveros
G Oliveros
9 months ago
Reply to  Marco Nunziati

As long as the household total income does not exceed $91,360/year and the rent does not exceed more than 30% of the actual household income. Example: 50k/30% = 15k/year/12 months =$1,250/month

Need to find out what the rent levels are designated for this project.

mel perry
mel perry
10 months ago

$1600 a month? for what? studio? one bedroom?, is retail space absolutely a
requirement, wouldn’t that space be better utilized for additional housing? why is ssf subsidizing the greedy private sector?, in the first place? show
some initative ssf