Action Plan Outlined by Livable California on SB 8, 9, 10

South San Francisco, CA  August 12, 2021 by Livable California


The Statewide Town Hall on Saturday August 7th had 1100 attendees!  Everyone on the zoom was informed about the impacts of SB 9 and SB 10 and asked to take action, talk or write their assemblymember and the governor now. For everyone that missed the event, we are including below the one-hour video of the town hall and a video of each of the speakers

Most important are the follow-up actions to stop SB 9 and SB 10. See the Action Tool Kit Here. Also see the Statewide Town Hall – Next Steps page on the Livable California website. 



Statewide Town Hall (without Q&A), 1 Hour


Dan Carrigg Speaks to the Dangers of SB 9 and SB 10, 17 Min


United Neighbors Presentation, 13 Min


Cindy Montanez Says Don’t Let SB 9 and SB 10 Destroy our Communities, 5 Min


Cindy Montanez Speaks to Putting Pressure on the Legislators, 3.5 Min


Action Tool Kit Presentation, 15 Min



For more information on Senate Bills 9 and 10 from ESC Please Click HERE

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