EverythingSouthCity.com to Launch Weekly Pet Digest

South San Francisco, CA  August 10, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of our weekly pet digest next week as we work to keep our local neighbors connected with relevant information that will be beneficial.


During the Pandemic shutdowns, we witnessed so many major changes in our lives, one being changes in local eateries, and another the increase of pets neighbors have adopted.


A few months back we launched our Tuesday FOODIE digest to help neighbors navigate the ever-changing schedules of local restaurants while promoting this hard-hit industry. More places are opening inside seating and setting up outdoor dining, and sadly some have closed for good. Do follow the Chamber’s list that is continually updated – it can be found HERE.


The shutdown found many more people at home with time and love on their hands allowing them opportunities to add a pet to their family. With these newly added family members we’ve heard a lot of great stories and we look forward to sharing them with you.


We will also be hosting some fun GAME ON contests, celebrating your pet’s birthdays, and sharing stories of our wonderful 2, 4, and more legged pets, furbabies, those in flight or in water  – we love them all!

So, who is going to start us off for our first digest next week?

send us your photos, stories, and all your pet-loving thoughts, and let’s do this!



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We also encourage our neighbors to sign up for our bi-weekly digests, delivered to your inbox every Tuesday (special edition: PETS) and our regular Friday overview of the week so you can catch up. CLICK HERE.


Please rest assured, we do not sell ANY of your information to anyone – EVER – we’re neighbors and we just don’t roll like that.

We greatly appreciate our advertising sponsors and our volunteers who continue to put forth tremendous effort for 11 years now!

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For those on social media, as well as those who use the google search engine, you may have noticed the algorithms have changed dramatically making your favorite content hard to find. By signing up for our updates, you’ll keep in the know with your neighbors and local items. We are committing our time and resources to our website and digests while keeping our IG and FB active as we can. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

For those looking for other search engines, give DuckDuckGo a try! They do not track your searches plus they appear to be pet-friendly!




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