Pet Digest Dedicated to Jeanne Wolfe and Her Incredible Work with Rescues

South San Francisco, CA  August 16, 2021 by Kamala Wolfe

Jeanne and her foster pups from Arkansas Retriever Rescue Effort

“You know, it really would be beneficial if you included pets looking for adoption on Everything South City” my lil big Sis Jeanne Wolfe instructed me. “There are so many wonderful pets out there that really need forever homes. You’ve got the platform to help them. Do it!”

And so our weekly pet feature from the Peninsula Humane Society came to be our Friday dose of AWWW many years ago. Because we have had such a wonderful response to this, and because so many new pets received forever homes during the pandemic, we realized this is an area we might expand.

And then my sister left this world, leaving a void not only with us two leggeds, but also the strong advocate she was for foster care and seeing pets receive the best life possible.It has been a wonderful experience to hear from some of the families who gave Jeanne’s foster pups forever homes; their gratitude for the work Jeanne did will not be forgotten.



To that end, I have decided we will offer a bi-weekly pet digest in Jeanne’s memory and honor, and encourage those who have the time and space in their lives and hearts, to consider adopting or fostering a pet that is seeking a forever home.


We also will help bring relevant information to our local pet owners while also sharing resources from neighbor to neighbor. And we look forward to hosting some fun game on contests, sharing fun stories and milestones of our furry/ winged/ gilled/ squiggly pets that we call family.

So, share with us and send your photos, stories, helpful hints to


To my lil big Sis, thanks for your advice – see you down the road.

-Kamala Wolfe



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