Reckless Driving On School Grounds/ Felony Evading/ Child Endangerment Arrest Made

South San Francisco, CA  August 25, 2021 by SSFPD via FB


On 8/24/2021 at 11:24 PM, South San Francisco Police received a report of a vehicle heard doing donuts in the Baden High School parking lot. Upon arriving in the area, officers observed a red Chevy Camaro leaving the area which had the overwhelming odor of burnt rubber.


When officers tried to conduct a traffic stop of the vehicle, the driver evaded officers by running stop signs, two red lights, speeding, and ultimately “blacking out” the headlights in a residential area (during darkness). A partial license plate was obtained, of which a records check revealed local contacts with a red Camaro, as was seen by the officer. The vehicle was located pulling into the driveway of the registered owner’s address not long after the vehicle was lost.


The driver, 18-year old male SSF resident admitted to being the driver and doing donuts in the parking lot. Two passengers were in the vehicle at the time who both claimed they were passengers during the incident. One passenger was a 17-year old male SSF resident.


Due to the wanton disregard for the public’s safety during his driving, as well as the safety of his juvenile passenger, the driver was arrested and booked for reckless driving, felony evading and child endangerment.


Great investigative work on the part of SSFPD Graveyard Patrol! This incident could have resulted with a very dangerous outcome. Outstanding job!


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Eckner Padilla
Eckner Padilla
2 years ago

Heh! Someone must’ve been listening to a police radio cuz, child endangerment? At 11:30PM? At a school? No kids at that time. Well he shouldn’t have run away, and glad they didn’t kill him over it, otherwise Over policing again!

Jane Pascual
Jane Pascual
2 years ago
Reply to  Eckner Padilla

So the 17 year old in the car as a passenger is considered a…

mel perry
mel perry
2 years ago

hope they prosecute this dumb ass to
the max, at the least, yank his license