Hit and Run on Orange Avenue – PD Report on File

South San Francisco, CA  October 20, 2021

A South San Francisco resident had their vehicle, a white SUV, hit by another vehicle who left the scene without leaving information. This RING video (CLICK HERE) *has been shared with us, with a request that we share it with a wider audience in hopes someone maybe have information to give to SSFPD.



Hit & run on Orange ave

At 12:43 10/7/21 this Late 90’s green corolla w/tinted windows,black rims hit our vehicle and took off. They now have front damage hood is bent and side marker is hanging. Waiting to see what our dash cam provides. Till then if you see this vehicle or who owns it give pd a call

Contact information:
Reference Incident/Case #: 21-6043


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mel perry
mel perry
2 years ago

you can run, but you can’t hide, BUSTED

Mkichael B Wisper
Mkichael B Wisper
2 years ago

If the Corolla is THAT badly damaged, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Hopefully your car cam caught the license plate number. Was it traveling ON Orange avenue, and if so between what intersections did the hit-and-run happen? Were you IN your SUV at the time and if not what was the address it was parked at? That info might narrow your neighbors’ search for it quite a lot. Betcha they have no insurance either! BTW hit-and-run is a FELONY, so the drivers’ lookin’ at more than a slap on the hand if he/she gets caught!