SSFPD Announce Arrests Made/ Robbery/ Possession Of Full Auto Firearm

South San Francisco, CA  October 1, 2021 via SSFPD FB


On 09/29/2021, a 21-year-old male San Francisco resident was contacted as the passenger in a vehicle stopped in the area of Oyster Point Boulevard and Gateway Boulevard. The driver of the vehicle was known to have an outstanding arrest warrant for robbery. The driver consented to a search of the passenger compartment. During a search of the rear passenger area of the vehicle, a backpack was located. Inside the backpack, officers located a loaded 9mm privately made firearm, commonly known as a “ghost gun.” The firearm contained a conversion switch, which allowed the firearm to be a fully automatic weapon.


The passenger of the vehicle provided a statement indicating he was in possession of the firearm prior to be contacted by officers. He was placed under arrest and booked into the various felony firearm related offenses.


The driver of the vehicle was booked for the robbery related arrest warrant

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mel perry
mel perry
1 year ago

more bad apples from out of town, time
to te-instate check points

Clarissa State
Clarissa State
1 year ago

Good job, SSFPD! Always go with your guts, no matter what anyone thinks!