Where and When to Find Mister Softee NorCal in South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  October 28, 2021

South San Francisco residents continue to rave about Mister Softee and the incredible ice creams they offer, so much so, that many will go out of their way to find where they can get their favorite treat when word gets out they are in town.

We checked in with them to see their weekly schedule so we might share it with our community and today we received word from Andrew Rodriguez, Mister Softee’s Operations Manager in Northern California. They have four dedicated days they are in South City:

Monday -Sunshine Gardens/ Winston Manor neighborhood

Wednesday -Paradise Valley/ Sign hill neighborhood

Thursday -Serra Highlands Neighborhood

Friday -Avalon neighborhood


You can also download their app to get precise locations CLICK HERE for APPLE app. and CLICK HERE for Google Play


During the Pandemic Shelter-in-place/ Shutdowns, more and more people are turning to social media sites to revisit good memories from earlier times, nostalgia offers comfort as the future can seem rather uncertain.  Years gone by we had Skipper the Ice Cream Man driving through neighborhoods, and the Peanut Man at Orange Park. More recent years we have sidewalk vendors and various attempts at different ice cream ‘trucks’ selling store bought items.


Mister Softee’s has been successful in finding a very special place in our hearts, and in our City, as they offer their own premium brand served up in cones, cups and milkshakes. Today we are making new memories for another generation to reminisce in time. “We love the idea of bringing joy and happiness to the neighborhoods” Andrew tells us. “We want to establish ourselves as part of a memory for the local neighborhoods.”


You can also hire Mister Softee for your event and more information can be found CLICK HERE, and gift cards are available CLICK HERE. Another note, Mister Softee Ice Cream is gluten free – if you order in cup and without added toppings. At their private events they do offer pop sickles, and in time, may add them to their Mister Softee trucks as well.


They have a large selection which begs the question –

which is your favorite?


Let us know and be entered into our GAME ON to win a gift card from Everything South City! We’ll randomly pick a few winners in the next month or so, and announce weekly. So, chime in and let us know! Reply below or send us a note at News@EverythingSouthCity.com

HEY! Let’s sweeten that GAME ON a bit more – Add a photo of your Mister Softee Ice Cream with us and you’ll have TWO entries for our GAME ON!! How sweet is that?!





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