Our Neighbor Mary is Seeking Funds to Bury Her Son – Please help

South San Francisco, Ca November 22, 2021

We’ve heard it said so often, a parent should not outlive their child, and yet it happens. We have just received word that our neighbor Mary Canales has lost her son Jose, who left this world too early at the age of 54. Jose dedicated his life to accompanying his mother, and not only is he not by her side, but she must also navigate a new life starting with the heart-wrenching act of burying her son.


Mary has been a pre-school educator with our South San Francisco School District and has given much to our community. Now she needs our help. Please donate what you can, and offer your words of encouragement here, or on the GO FUND ME page CLICK HERE. The holidays can be tough enough for so many of us, our words of encouragement go far.

Backstory from GoFundMe:

Jose was hospitalized for a brain surgery on 10/29/2021 in hospital Henderson of Las Vegas, Nevada. Jose had a successful surgery. Unfortunately, Jose contracted COVID-19 in the hospital and an infection in the surgery cite, causing liquid in his brain. This led to respiratory issues and Jose passed away on 11/20/2021 at age 54. During his life, Jose worked as a computer scientist. He lost his job 5 years prior and was in hopes of finding a job related to his profession in Las Vegas, where he had moved to September 2021. Jose dedicated his life to accompanying his mother Mary Canales. He is survived by his mother.
José fue hospitalizado para una cirugía cerebral el 29/10/2021 en el hospital Henderson de Las Vegas, Nevada. José tuvo una cirugía exitosa. Desafortunadamente, José contrajo COVID-19 en el hospital y una infección en la cita de la cirugía, provocando líquido en su cerebro. Esto provocó problemas respiratorios y José falleció el 20/11/2021 a los 54 años. Durante su vida, José trabajó como científico informático. Perdió su trabajo 5 años antes y esperaba encontrar un trabajo relacionado con su profesión en Las Vegas, donde se había mudado a septiembre de 2021. José dedicó su vida a acompañar a su madre Mary Canales. Le sobrevive su madre.



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