Sign Hill Tree and See’s Candies 2021

South San Francisco, CA  November 30, 2021

Each year residents in South San Francisco and neighboring Cities look forward to seeing our tree light up on Sign Hill on the evening of Thanksgiving and to finally see what colors will be used to decorate it. We’ve had many comments on this year’s color choices – what do you think? Leave your comments below!


We’ve also come to understand how much our See’s Candies Santa and reindeer mean to us after not seeing it on the rooftop a few years back (2019). It seems we have a NEW SANTA this year and sleigh!


Thanks to those who have shared their photos with us. If you have one you’d like to have published, please send to or post directly in the comment section below.



Photo credit: Maria Bie Quiambao


Photo Credit: AW

Photo credit: AW


Photo Credit: AW

Photo Credit: Brandi Magner

Photo Credit: Jamie Vargas

Photo Credit: Jose RT



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2 years ago

truthfully when looking up at it i think of a SUPERSTAR POPSICLE you know, like the ice cream man used to sell…then i think well maybe its red, white and blue this year because of the turmoil our nation has been facing this past year…which is quickly followed by the thought, “NAH MAN!Thats a superstar popsicle…someone’s being funny and it slipped by who ever had the final approval”…well done

Gary Ryan
2 years ago

It would be nice to see Red – White & Blue colors on the tree this holiday season to show Pride and Unity of our Nation. As we surely need show more of and be part of the Pride and Unit of this Nation.