SSFPD Report Criminal Threats Arrest

South San Francisco, CA  November 8, 2021 SSFPD FB post


On 11-06-21, the suspect threatened to kill his family member with a firearm.


Officers located and conducted a traffic stop on the suspect on the 800 block of Antoinette Lane. The suspect was found to be wearing a bulletproof vest with pepper spray. Officers located an unloaded Glock 21 firearm in the vehicle.


Officers also located a Smith & Wesson .22 rifle and ammunition in his residence. The suspect was booked at the main jail.


Great job to our Swingshift team for locating this dangerous individual and taking him into custody safely!!!


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mel perry
mel perry
1 year ago

NOW YOU KNOW WHY, all.guns should be banned, too many gun nuts & crazies already have them

Clarissa State
Clarissa State
1 year ago
Reply to  mel perry

Mel, if ALL guns are banned, then what would the Secret Service use to protect the President? How would our brave soldiers protect themselves from Bazooka-carrying terrorists? How could our awesome SSFPD defend themselves from jerks like these? I’ve never seen a gun get up by itself and shoot somebody. Have you?? The main problem lies with the breakdown of the family. No dads or moms, no discipline, no time, no God=no LOVE! There is no value of human life anymore. I respectfully say, guns are NOT the problem!