SSFPD Report Package Theft Arrests

South San Francisco, CA  November 15, 2021 by Angelique Presidente

Thank you South San Francisco Police Department for the info, a reminder that we ALL need to be extra careful to help prevent theft and GREAT JOB protecting our neighborhoods.
Thieves seem to be getting more brazen and less concerned with getting caught. With online shopping at an all-time high, we need to help protect our deliveries from being eye candy to those untrustworthy and shady lurking in our neighborhoods!
Some ways you can help prevent this from happening to you is:
~Request/Require a signature at delivery
~Ship the item to your work or other secure location if possible
~Ask a neighbor to help if you know when it will be or was delivered or if they see it delivered and can hold it for you instead of leaving it on your porch
~Use an Amazon locker or similar for pick up
~ Lots of companies are still doing at store drive up/pick up use this to help get your items quicker and conveniently
~Install security cameras, sometimes a deterrent and can help record the crime
-Please help us spread the word by sharing this and hopefully we can deter these criminals from victimizing our neighbors or even ourselves!
SSFPD Shared the following on their FB page:
Last night, November 14th, our officers responded to the 1100 block of Sunnyside Drive on the report of a suspicious vehicle double-parked in the street and a subject who appeared to be attempting to get into a parked vehicle.  Officers checked the area and did not initially locate the suspect or vehicle; however, while conducting a neighborhood check, officers discovered a resident had just been the victim of package theft and the suspects were captured on surveillance cameras.
Our sharp-eyed officers located the suspect vehicle on Mission Road and conducted a traffic stop. Stolen property from the package theft was in the vehicle as well as suspected illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. Officers additionally located property which was stolen from an unlocked vehicle Sunnyside Drive.
Three people were subsequently arrested for theft, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, and drug related charges. GREAT JOB TO OUR SWING SHIFT AND GRAVEYARD OFFICERS!
With the Holiday Season rapidly approaching, the South San Francisco Police Department would like to use this incident as a reminder for everyone to beware of your package deliveries and try your best not to leave them unattended on porches, in doorways, common hallways, etc.
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mel perry
mel perry
2 years ago

idenyify the low lifes, put e phfotos on
the front page, so everyone knows who
these low life gutter dwellers are, good