Support Small Businesses Featuring Jen’s Kitchen Ware City Tupperware

South San Francisco, CA  November 26, 2021 {Black Friday Sales Happening NOW!}

Our all-time favorite kitchen items from Tupperware!

Jen’s Kitchen Ware City is a local small business that belongs to Jennifer Quevedo and features Tupperware. This staple item in our kitchens never gets old because Tupperware continues to add new kitchen wares that keep our homes current – and organized.


Let Jen help you get your kitchen needs ordered – and book an online party! Jen’s here to help and she can be reached at 415-878-6964     Se habla Español!


To place an order or view the current SALEs check out Jen’s Tupperware page at the link below
NOTE: The past twenty months have been an extreme challenge for most of our local small businesses, and to that end, ESC is working hard to help promote them – for free. Now we need YOUR help in using their services and products which allows us to have a stronger community overall.
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