Why support Colinas Costeras / The Coastal Hills?

South San Francisco, CA  November 12, 2021 by Jeffrey Tong, co-founder Colinas Costeras

Colinas Costeras are the Coastal Hills of the Peninsula – a Community Wildlife Habitat registered with the NationalWildlifeFederation

The VISION of Colinas Costeras is to revere the coastal hills so that it can nurture life.

The MISSION of Colinas Costeras is to advocate, educate, and inspire communities to respect nature, restore wildlife habitat, and minimize our carbon footprint.

The Coastal Hills of Pacifica & San Bruno are epitomized by MILAGRA (Miracle) RIDGE, and the miracle of the coastal hills is fog – the elixir of life! 
Habitat Restoration Demonstration Projects
(A) Caltrans “Adopt A Highway”
• CA Route 1, Cabrillo Highway @ Rockaway Beach.
• CA Route 35, Skyline Blvd @ Westborough.
(B) Goal: 12 schools (6 Pacifica & 6 San Bruno). community gardens, invasive weed abatement, and habitat restoration.
Scheduled Events
• Earth Day, April.
• Coastal HILLS Cleanup Day, Sept.
• Make a Difference Day, Oct.
We just started the restoration process this Fall, so the native plants probably won’t emerge until next Spring.  Although learning about the plants that thrive in the fog belt is an education in itself, the MIRACLE of the Coastal Hills is not the plants, aromatic as they are – it’s the abundance of wildlife they attract!
 The more we understand them, the more we appreciate them.
Hopefully, you’ll realize that we live in PARADISE, and you’ll be inspired to restore native habitat on your own property too! Certify it, be proud of it!  Schools certify for FREE!
If you wish to protect wildlife habitat in your community, please promote Colinas Costeras.
The Coexist with Coyotes t/sweat-shirt promotion ends on Nov 11, and the Colinas Costeras t/sweat-shirt promotion ends on Nov 13.
They were designed very tastefully – the large artwork is only on the back, and the face is either a small logo at breast pocket location or plain. For anyone wishing to know more about Colinas Costeras, the website is discretely located within the artwork.
If our total orders exceed 10 for each design, your donation doubles because our production cost is reduced by 50%, and shipping is FREE for all buyers. (Otherwise, a small shipping charge of $4+ is added to each order)
Jeffrey Tong, co-founder
Community Wildlife Habitat
info@colinascosteras.comPlease support us at
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