Cards from Elsie Pollastrini Remembered by Guest Contributor Elizabeth Nisperos

South San Francisco, CA  December 24, 2021 by Elizabeth Nisperos

Merry Christmas to all South San Francisco residents with a special card from Elsie Pollastrini, a special artist and friend ,  former Art Commissioner who used to send me Christmas cards every December.  She sent me commercial cards bought from stores but sometimes she sent me cards she created with watercolors or oil oil.


I’m currently decluttering, dehoarding, sorting and labeling; my house is full of boxes and stuff on the floor. And then out of a folder  fell two Christmas cards from Elsie and Anne Waters. Really I wasn’t looking for their cards. As  if Elsie were saying , “If you featured Anne in an article , please share my card to all SSF residents.” Elsie passed away on May 6, 2020”.  She gave me some of her materials which she was not using anymore.


According to her family description, “Elsie was an accomplished artist in many venues. She received numerous awards for her paintings, baked goods, and sewing at the San Mateo County and California State fairs.”  She sometimes received “Best of the Show” in art competitions.  One time in an art exhibition, an attendee said while viewing Elsie’s oil painting of the Virgin Mary carrying Baby Jesus, “ This painting should be a winner.” , as she noticed there was no ribbon on it. According to the official rule , a Commissioner can display her painting but not compete for prizes or ribbons. That’s why there was no ribbon on the painting.


When Anne’s commercial card fell out as if she were saying  Thank you  to me for featuring her in a previous article.  She used to send me Christmas card every December



Here are the author’s two cards:

Sharing my card with ancient Baybayin script and Neolithic numbers for 2021. Maligayang Pasko  is  Merry Christmas in Tagalog. This card was on a virtual online calligraphy Xmas party slideshow instead of gathering in person. It’s about time to say Merry Christmas in Tagalog since the new Mayor Mark Nagales made a history as the first Filipino mayor in SSF.


I saw Christmas tree at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco sometime ago ; I thought that the Christmas tree had a unusual and unique form so I’m sharing the photo with all of you.


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