New Safeway Approved at Spruce Shopping Center

South San Francisco, CA  December 9, 2021  Press Release

The South San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously approved the construction of a new 24-hour Safeway at 180 El Camino Real at its meeting on December 2, 2021.
“The revitalization of this property has been in the works for many years, but it is worth the wait. The new Safeway will anchor and stimulate positive improvements in the area and offer our residents greater shopping and eating options,” says South San Francisco Mayor Mark Addiego.
The new Safeway store will be approximately 63,700 square feet, located on a second-story podium above-covered parking. The parking podium will be fronted by approximately 7,900 square feet of smaller commercial shops along the El Camino Real frontage, serving to create a more human-scaled environment at the street edge and screen the view of the parking podium.
The sidewalks will be replaced and widened, providing plaza areas and other pedestrian and bicycle amenities along the project frontages on both El Camino Real and South Spruce Ave. This site is also conveniently located near SamTrans, San Bruno BART, and residential neighborhoods.
“South San Francisco residents have been watching and waiting for this development to move forward for years. We are excited for them to see this coming to fruition,” added Mayor Addiego.
Construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2022 and finish by Summer 2023..
UPDATE Dec 27, 2021 – Comments from our FB post:

Maria Alston

Sounds good in theory but I need to see some construction actually start before I get excited.


Cathy Burton-Meza

Maria Alston agreed been told this few times. Need to see it happen to believe it might occur


Maria Alston

Cathy Burton-Meza

Gabriella Trujillo

Is there not enough parking on this lot?? Takes the convenience out of it


Dianna Erdesz Armanino

Gabriella Trujillo totally. I hate going into a parking garage and going upstairs to grocery shop. It’s annoying.

Donna DeMorest

I’ll believe it when it is done, and not before, this promise has been going on since 2014


Lucinda Denning

Donna DeMorest exactly. I was working in that location feom 1994 til they closed the doors.

Roschele Prasad

Is there going to be other store and restaurants,keep the Chestnut they have friendly customer service

Suzanne Giesin

It is about time. That corner lot has been an eye-sore for too long!

Sergio-Sonia Mendoza

Bravo, it’s about time to have a big store in the neighborhood

Panayiota Koutoulas

At least it’s not apartments they’re building this time

Sue Lonero Price

Finally going to put something in the empty lot!


Cin Arias

About time!


Felipe Victx

Cin why

Lucinda Denning

Felipe Victx because its dumb they waited all this time. Sonething should of been done qhen they told us to leave in 2015

Peepers Bonite

Cin Arias right!!!!

Cin Arias

Peepers Bonite took them long enough! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I miss going to the gym there!!!!

Peepers Bonite

Cin Arias me too

Mamita Lupita

Cin Arias i was hoping for a Whole Foods lol


Kimberly Lamotte ‘Hale

Yes , it’s about time HURRAY,HURRAY

Anitah FRam


Becky Hernandez Johnson


Catalina Rocha

Thanks, Thanks!!!

Thomas Morgan


Brandon Campanelli

The chestnut Safeway will still be there since the new apartments are being built .

Renee Martin

Where did See’s candy store go?

Drea Peralta

So glad there will not be any condos mixed in with our new Safeway project. We have way too many new condos already!

Benjamin Peralta

Don’t fall for the ole bait and switch. More apartments are coming too,

Michele Salmon

I hope they won’t take away the Chestnut Safeway store. I love that store,


Nancy Mascioli

Michele Salmon it needs a remodel, upgrade.

Michele Salmon

But with the new store, they will probably close it. So sad.


Linda Brown Moore

Ok, I’ve been gone way too long. As I remember the corners: See’s, gas station and kitty corner another gas station and the Brentwood parking lot (is the Brentwood Market and Brentwood Lodge still there?).


Bernadette Venoya Belluomini

Linda Brown Moore you have been gone for many years. The resturant changed hands at least 3x. Market has been gone for at least 30 years. A dialisis center, Goodwill and Smart & Final is where the market and drug store were. Sees Candy and the gas stat… See more

Linda Brown Moore

Bernadette Venoya Belluomini thanks for the info. Moved to So City when I was 7 and moved when I was 20. But went back every year till my parents moved out of state. I miss So City.!

Inez Cunningham

Bernadette Venoya Belluomini

You wouldn’t recognize it if you saw it now. All the high rise hotels on Airport Blvd, hotel on corner of Chestnut and Elcamino where the South City car wash use to be and the big new police station on opposite corner.

Bernadette Venoya Belluomini

Inez Cunningham I’m aware.  Been living in Brentwood for 40 yrs.

Dale M. Scalero Sr

Linda Brown Moore, don’t forget there used to be a Safeway there before along with the Treasury


Lynn Carlson Bick

The Millbrae Safeway is over a parking garage. It Sucks !!



Michelle Arduain Ourtiague

Lynn Carlson Bick I agree!!

Mark Ambus

Lynn Carlson Bick …. So will this one. Did you read the description at the heading where it says “located on a second story podium above covered parking”?

Ar Mondo

Lynn Carlson Bick I don’t like it.

Ar Mondo

Lynn Carlson Bick that’s why I don’t like shopping at the Target at Tanforan. It just doesn’t feel right.

Cheryl Camacho Herrera

Lynn Carlson Bick Agreed. Having to go to a 2nd level means a quick run to the supermarket will nolonger be quick.


Phil Fioresi Sr.

Better late than never I guess, they will be doing the apartments right next door at the old theater. It’s going to be another nightmare for traffic parking and quality of life for current residents I imagine. Second only to the corner of El Camino and Chestnut.

Lorna Galvan Feger

It’s about time! That lot has been a major eyesore in our neighborhood for far too long!

Vivian Shatara Jisrawi

What will happen to the Safeway on chestnut?? That’s so old and run down!


Michele Salmon

Vivian Shatara Jisrawi I love that store. It has the nicest employees and it is not too big to be able to find what you need.

Andrea Carey Villa

I like the covered parking. It’s great for windy or rainy days. Saves on land space too. City Council, please have the contractor finish it before 2023. The shopping center is much needed.

Lucinda Denning

Just a safeway? Should be more than that. Kinda lame

Freeman Cilla

Lucinda Denning read the post

Donna Moore Fentanes

Finally! Maybe a special See’s candies counter for convenience

Estrada LeAnna

I’m feeling hopeful about this. I have been traveling all the way to Millbrae Safeway for years

Karen Johanson

As other’s have indicated, I’ll believe it when I see it. This seems hopeful, at least.

Leo Libiran

Finally, now get rid of Smart & Final, Goodwill and dialysis place across the street!

Luann Dappollonio McCormick

I’ll believe it when I start to see construction

Ethan Palma

Carolinaa Ruthh

Patricia Boland

That is awesome

Christina Barnett Haas

Commenting until I ACTUALLY SEE

a groundbreaking

Kelly Selhorn Koenig

About time..

Christopher Archuleta

About time!!

John Fikaris

Cool cool…

Ellen McCloud


Rod Boltz

What no Safeway gas station… that would be convenient way to spend those gas points you punch in to get better prices.

JoAnn Willis

Took long enough to do that.

Patty Isham

Seeing is believing

Ceecee Lo

Plascencia San Almis

Felipe Victx

fy oh hell nah

Benjamin Peralta

There is going to be apartments too. They just are not talking about it.

Dee Dee Molina

What? no condos above it? LOL


Jacqui Pastoral-Conclara

I remember all those posts in Nextdoor a few years ago complaining against this proposed development.

David W Wade

Union Labor going to Construct this

Tony Andoni

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Serina Garcia-Chiba


Sonia Lal

Salene Lal vow

Ellen Minucciani


Frank Lee

Fantastic. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone.


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1 year ago

Safeway on chestnut is going to be demolished for housing. Across from court house Mission road 800 units housing approved. Traffic will be tough

Renee Aubuchon
Renee Aubuchon
1 year ago

I have been to an elevated Safeway a little ways down El Camino. You either have to send your cart down a conveyor and meet it at the bottom or take it in an elevator. Either way is a pain in the behind and I never went back to that Safeway again.

mel perry
mel perry
1 year ago

it’s to bad that they didn’t include the two low rent housimg buildings, that
was a win-win for everybody especially
or safeway talk about a captive market