Livable California to Introduce ‘Our Neighborhood Voices’ Saturday January 8th at Zoom Meeting

South San Francisco, CA  January 7, 2022 From Livable California

On Saturday Jan. 8 at 10 am, meet the official proponents of “Our Neighborhood Voices,” including deeply inspiring Northern California city councilmember Jovita Mendoza, and highly respected Southern California homeowner leader John W. Heath.


Jovita Mendoza and John Heath epitomize the highly diverse homeowners of California who are asking “why now?” Why are Latino and Black homeowners suddenly being targeted by the State of California for “upzoning” by developers eager to pave over their thriving communities?


Our friends Jovita and John are pushing back because the State has passed dozens of laws like Senate Bill 9 that strip zoning and planning powers from cities and give it to the State. The winners? Developers, hedge fund speculators, corporate landlords and foreign investors. The losers? Everyday people and families.


By April 30, proponents of Our Neighborhood Voices must gather well over 1 million signatures to get on the November 2022 ballot — a huge undertaking that needs large donors.


Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand, also an official proponent of the Our Neighborhood Voices measure, says it empowers cities to “ignore many of the ill-conceived and even destructive housing-related bills like SB 9 and SB 10, by making zoning and land use community affairs.”


Please visit where you can donate and endorse. Be sure to request their blank petitions for signature-gathering in your area.


Livable California is not an official proponent of this initiative, but we support it. At our website, we document just a few of the black and Latino homeowner communities that could be decimated by the State under SB 9 and its cousin SB 10.


The State increasingly behaves like a distant City Hall that people can’t fight. Our Neighborhood Voices returns local planning to the people. Your support is crucial, right now.


See you January 8, at 10 am, at our first Livable California call of 2022. Happy New Year!


If you have previously attended our teleconferences use your previously assigned zoom link. We resend those on Friday night for your convenience. Please don’t share your unique link. 


First-time attending? You must RSVP at this link. Questions about attending? Email us at:


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