Mel Ellison New Year Photo Captures

South San Francisco, CA  January 3, 2021

South San Francisco resident, and professional photographer, Mel Ellison, continues to share some of his incredible photography with us and we are proud to present a few from this New Year.

“The sky is kinda “busy” this morning….
…….welcome to 2022, day one.”

-Mel Ellison


“This morning, just before, and just after sunrise…..(you’ll need to click on the photos to get the whole effect.)

I’m always a little surprised at how quickly the so-called “golden hour” is over…. definitely not an actual hour. I’m up before dawn every morning and from my chair, with coffee in hand, I can see the break of day as it unfolds.

Every so often, like this morning, I can see by the way the pre-dawn sun is lighting up the edges of the clouds, that this sunrise is going to be spectacular. That’s when I hop in my car and head up a couple of blocks to the parking lot of the neighborhood mosque….the best vantage point, especially with the sun rising so far to the south as it does this time of the year.

Turns out the “golden hour” actually only lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes…and then the golds, purples and pinks fade, replaced by the more typical variations of blues and grays.”



Mel shares his thoughts at the end of the year with yet another remarkable photo capture

Some thoughts……
“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
― Charles Bukowski
“Expect the unexpected, and whenever possible, be the unexpected.”
Linda Barry (cartoonist, playwright)
“It’s been so long since I’ve had sex I’ve forgotten who ties up whom.”
Joan Rivers
“I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace, that two become a lawfirm, and that three or more become a congress.”
-John Adams”
“I know what men want. Men want to be really, really close to someone who will leave them alone.”
Elaine Boosler
“Everything that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return in a different form.”-
Franz Kafka, Kafka and the Doll, The Pervasiveness of Loss



To view more of Mel’s photography, please CLICK HERE.

He has many of his memorable photos for sale in different mediums.

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Carl F Metzger
Carl F Metzger
2 years ago

I always enjoy an artist’s photography and this Mel Ellison’s pictures are no exception. The moored sailboat in the mist and waterfowl is just a very peaceful picture.
Thank you for sharing that with us!