SamTrans Launches On-Board WiFi

South San Francisco, CA   January 5, 2022 Press Release


SamTrans has launched a passenger WiFi program, allowing SamTrans riders to use the internet while on board. WiFi is currently being enabled on the 800 series articulated buses, with the entire SamTrans fleet expected to be online by February 2022.


Passengers will be able to use WiFi free of charge, simply by connecting to “SamTrans-WiFi” after boarding the bus. Current bandwidth limits video streaming, however passengers will be able to text, email, browse the internet, access social media and play games.


“The modern world is an interconnected world,” said SamTrans Board Chair Charles Stone. “Having onboard WiFi will help SamTrans riders to stay connected while riding, making our service even more valuable to those who rely on it. This is another reason SamTrans is the best ride wherever you’re going in San Mateo County”.

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