San Mateo County Event Center And Fair Sponsors Domini Hoskins Black History Museum and Learning Center

South San Francisco, CA  January 21, 2022 Press Release

San Mateo County Event Center and Fair is proud to sponsor the Domini Hoskins Black History Museum & Learning Center’s Black History Month exhibit for 2022.


The Hoskins Black History Museum is a mobile museum offering a range of cultural artifacts, all designed to educate and inform our communities about Black History. The purpose of the museum is to educate our community, especially our youth about the rich history that African Americans have contributed to American society.


“We are committed to inclusion and diversity,” said Dana Stoehr, CEO of the San Mateo County Event Center and Fair. “Supporting Black History is something we embrace and will always be proud to sponsor.”


The San Mateo County Fair has had the Domini Hoskins Black History Museum and learning center as a showcase for the many years.  The exhibit offers a wide range of cultural artifacts to educate and inform the community about black history.


“San Mateo County Fair gets it,” said Carolyn Hoskins, founder of the museum.  “They understand the importance of diversity.  They understand the importance of black history.  The San Mateo County Event Center and Fair gives us a great opportunity to really expand…”


The Black History Museum will be open through February for all of Black History Month at 890 Jefferson Avenue in Redwood City.




For more information please contact the Hoskins Black History Museum directly at (650) 921-4191

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2 years ago

Does anyone know the hours of the event? Thanks!

2 years ago

Great, Children are the way forward.