What Would You Recommend to do in South San Francisco?

South San Francisco, CA  January 19, 2020

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We greatly appreciate Liza Normandy’s continued outreach sharing some great information with our community via her SSF Normandy News page HERE.

From Liza:

“15 Best Things to Do in South San Francisco…”
Author Arturo’s Final Thoughts:
“South San Francisco does not often land on the list of leading tourist destinations, as it is more known for the business and industry endeavors in its fold.
Nevertheless, this city has many hidden charms owing to its superb valley location and proximity to San Francisco Bay as well as the Pacific Coast.”
Check out the article HERE and let us know what YOU would recommend!
Updates from our social media – some great suggestions – thanks to all you shared ideas!

Helen Fong

Check in at JoAnns, garden club, little Lucia’s, buon gusto, bertolucci’s; Raymond’s bread outlet, See’s candy, Grand Avenue from Chestnut to S. Airport, hike up Sign Hill, Xmas lights at lilac lane & treeside ct.; cruise streets to ID our biotech companies. Many restaurants & places within SSF to enjoy! Past, current & future SSF!


Kaka Meng

When I lived there I would say my bedrOom !!  #WoooOooooo !! Best ride , longest line !!

Martha Guinn Moore

Oyster Point; Orange Park sculpture gardens, flower gardens and the cool playgrounds; walk the neighborhoods; Little Luca’s for lunch; Joanne’s for breakfast or ANY meal (muffins!); stop and visit with the neighbors out washing their cars or taking the garbage cans in; hike up San Bruno Mountain; watch the kids play ball or tennis at Buri Buri Park; pick up some treats at Sees and bring them home to the parents; and maybe, thank your lucky stars that you are a South City Girl at heart and always will be no matter where you travel or who you’ve become.

Jr Martinez

Much Love and Respect From The Industrial City !!!!!!

Andrew Hernandez

Walk the Bay trail and read historical significance of SSF.

Hike sign hill and slide down some letters.

Play bocci ball at Orange park.

Walk up grand at dusk to get great pics of city hall.

Visit 47 hills or The Standby for evening drinks.

Nick Evans

For lunch go to Little Luca’s and get yourself a deli sandwich loaded with their garlic sauce, or try Darby Dans and get the Sleeper Special.

La Tapatia on Grand Ave has some of the best Mexican food you’ll ever taste. El Faro has some amazing burritos as well.

For dinner try the Sky Dragon Chinese restaurant.

Need a fix for your chocolate addiction? Go to the Sees Candy factory.

God, I miss South City so much.

April Suarez

The only thing I would recommend to a tourist is to buy tortillas and carnitas from La Tapatia

Michele Salmon

Actually, you cannot camp overnight at San Bruno Mountain State and County Park.

Kevin Bingham

Idk I’ve just worked in SoCity the last 32 yrs

Carolina Victoria Salinas

Hike sign hill, buy bread at Raymond Sourdough bread, get some yummy coffee at Cafe de Casa or some delicious Mexican Mocha at Antigua Coffee shop, get your nails done buy the friendliest nail tech and owner Lily at Princess Nails, best sandwich shop Little Lucas or catch some mouth watering lollipop chicken at Sky Dragon, check out the Parks and Rec Holiday set ups at Orange Park during the holidays, get some chocolate at Sees Candy (if your around during the holidays, check out Santa on the roof) take a scenic walk or bike ride down on Bay Trail

Shellica Polo

Carolina Victoria Salinas I’ll have to check out the two coffee shops mentioned here. I live in SSF and haven’t heard of these. Thanks

Carolina Victoria Salinas

Shellica Polo both fairly new but good coffee

Mike Kirk

Go for a walk down Grand. Enough said.

Patricia Fourre Bajada

what is this advertisement for the mentioned restaurants ? Nothing to do in South City

Marco Muñoz

Go shop to the third stores at Grand Avenue not sure existed anymore!! Next to the back

Jake Ter

Go back for a haircut and visit the two Public Libraries.

Robert Bingham

You not agreeing with the writer? lol

Felipe Victx


Debbie Hoska

Nothing but gonna Raymond’s French bread and Sees candies

Kalief Brown

See’s Candies???

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2 years ago

Walk! Great neighborhoods for walking the pooches.