Shops at Tanforan to Close as More Biotech Moves In

South San Francisco, CA  February 11, 2022

It’s the end of yet another era for our communities as we see the final sale of the San Bruno property that currently houses the Shops at Tanforan, which will be re-developed into more biotech campuses.

Silicon identifies how this mall was purchased by Alexandria Real Estate through the following transactions, per public records:

— $105.25 million for the site of the JCPenney anchor store at 1122 El Camino Real in September 2021.

— $128 million for the purchase of the Sears anchor store building at 1178 El Camino Real in November 2021.

— 95.2 million to buy the main mall section at 1150 El Camino Real this week.


In the past few years, especially since the lockdowns, we’ve witnessed more and more vacant storefronts as we watch more businesses move out, we do not have a final end date as of yet.


Most long-time residents of the area have memories from visits to Tanforan over the years, what are yours?

And what are your thoughts on this new development?


Note: nearby at the Golden Gate Produce Terminal there are plans for more biotech campuses moving in there, as well as in the 25 acre Southline Development slated for South San Francisco adjacent to the Shops at Tanforan. To read more about that project, please CLICK HERE.



UPDATE 2/23/22:

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Rebecca Renteria

This development is going to be a good thing. It’s housing, restaurants, stores, a actual space for community. The plan I read earlier this year included replanting over 300 trees to the location. It’s going to be MUCH BETTER then empty parking lots and 5 stores….


Stick Jimenez

Commentators: Employees at Tanforan should be getting these jobs..

Biotech Colonizers:

“Hey San Brunoians, take this job and work here, no need to apply or have any interest in this field. As long as you live in San Bruno and/or worked at Tanforan in the Food Court, you can have this IT data specialist computer hacking prevention security 245 word per minute roblox coding graphic designing job..”


Charlene Fachner Mori

Used to go there just about everyday. Last time I was there, most stores were closed. Miss the old days…….


Marty Medina- San Bruno Councilmember

Based on the current information the planning steps necessary for a rebuild of Tanforan will take up to 12-15 months… the entitlements… 6-9 months…

the permitting 6-9 months.

Then there is the construction phase… so this is going to take some time.

There is also a press release and Fact Sheet on San Bruno’s website.

“By articulating a single vision for a revitalized Tanforan as a modern, mixed-use development that includes office, hotel, retail, entertainment, and housing, the City is encouraging property owners (current and future) to invest in a new Master Plan for the 44-acre site.”

Housing, retail, office space

General Plan Amendment & Specific Plan w/ CEQA Analysis Initiating Late 2021/ Early 2022 (subject owner participation) 12 15 15 months Master Planning Process months Project Specific Entitlements months Construction Permit Review’


Kerstain Lindeborg-Guest

We used to go there all the time when I was young. I remember going to the theater. My brothers were in The Conquistadors Drum and Bugle Corps and there would be a Christmas present wrapping booth to help raise money for competitions.So sad about what has happened to a once great place.


Vanessa Rose

Funny all the people working here will be people outside of the area using Bart to commute there, none of the jobs will go to local residents…


Deb Wilborn

Vanessa RoseTrue. And everyone working there now will lose their jobs.


Lauren Eason

Memories of performing gymnastics in the mall with San Bruno Rec., watching hula exhibitions in the mall (bottom near original escalator) with my neighbor friends who were performing, shopping at Hotai(?) gift shop upper level where I bought a lamp that projected colorful design that rotated on my bedroom wall and posters! Working at Emporium where Michael San Felipe was the trainer for new salespeople. Job Interview at Foxmoor Casuals. SEARS (has everything!) catalogue pickup and auto repair. The movie theater. 5-7-9. Leeds. The custom T-shirt place where you pick the transfer and the shirt to put it on. Stone Soup. JC Penny Portrait Studio (Family Photos) AND MOST OF US WILL MISS SITTING ON THE UPPER DECK OF THE PARKING STRUCTURE TO WITNESS THE AIRPLANES  ROARING OVERHEAD!!!!


Lauren Eason

The photo developing place upstairs where you could see your photograph travel through the glass.


Evie Gonzalez

And with this comes way more unaffordable housing!!!


Joni Morris

Everything is closing for more unaffordable housing , large companies and Biotech???AND WE ARE UNABLE TO STOP IT! I feel just sick when I drive by That Mercedes dealership on Gellert. Good bye small town..


Vinny Vance

Joni Morris We never had a small town…


Joni Morris

Vinny Vance Well I was raised in SF so it is small town to me . Spent most of my time in SF work etc. when I retired started to really appreciate SSF. Short lived … all changing


Hassan Ar

Joni That old “shopping” center was the most rundown, depressing, slow looking place of business in existence. What a waste of space. If anything, the new Mercedes-Benz of SF dealership looks out of place because it’s too nice for the area!! I personally love it.


Joni Morris

Hassan Ar Yes I agree Tanforan has been sad for awhile. As for the dealership, I just felt bad those businesses were thriving in that spot and we had already lost Orchard ,everyone loved it there. The business owners of the strip mall tried to come up with a package to save their businesses but Mercedes-Benz paid so much more that was that. I’m a progressive. I believe in change just some of the things that our community loved like the car wash etc. it’s really sad to see that go and just more buildings showing up and more traffic. And the poor wildlife erupting with nowhere to go. Just wishing we could find some balance…


Rebecca Renteria

Joni Morris those businesses got payouts from Mercedes and are probably in a much better place financially….


Rebecca Renteria

Joni Morris that Mercedes’ shop is going to bring in much needed sales taxes dollars to SSF….


Kimberly Diaz

So much Biotech and tech moving into the area, without housing that is REALLY affordable. All this development is going to continue to push renting residence out.


Robert Bingham

How many local residents will be hired by the new company? My guess is none.


Nancy Bonaguidi

Robert Bingham All the employees who are loosing there jobs at Tanforan and that is a lot should have first priority to apply for jobs there.


Coleman Yee

Nancy Bonaguidi unfortunately biotech is not same classification

hopefully it comes w more than just biotech

Sean Byrd

Nancy Bonaguidi Not sure someone working at JC Penney is going to just transition into biotech…


Nancy Bonaguidi

Sean Byrd Some are going to school.


Vinny Vance

Robert Bingham And that’s all it is, an uneducated guess…


Thomas Morgan

Vinny Vance really those biotech companies are going to hire a bunch of retail workers


Vinny Vance

Thomas Morgan Why would a biotech company hire retail workers?…As if there are no other retail jobs available…Security, warehouse, shipping and receiving, and maintenance jobs are also going to be available, for those not into higher education…


Stick Jimenez

Robert Bingham depends if locals apply i guess lol. “Hey San Brunoians, take this job and work here, no need to apply or have any interest in this field. As long as you live in San Bruno and/or worked at Tanforan in the Food Court, you can have this IT data specialist computer hacking prevention security 245 word per minute roblox coding graphic designing job..”


Rebecca Renteria

Robert Bingham how many local residents have the qualifications and college degrees in order to work there?


Juan Garrido

This is not good! San Bruno deserve better San Mateo county should of bought the land and built it up like Santana row in SanJose with residence and high end shops and some nicer restaurants.


Juan Garrido

This is as bad as the Politicians in San Francisco losing the 49ers and tearing down Candlestick.


Vinny Vance

Juan Garrido No, Juan, it’s not…


Mike Ghiglieri

Not sure we need more biotech when there would be one adjacent to it

Makes as much sense as the Mercedes Benz dealership added on Gellert Blvd next to Safeway.


Angelique Valdez

Mike Ghiglieri agreed. That dealership makes no sense in a residential area.


Sue Peterson Pirazzi

Mike Ghiglieri agree


Roselle Bartke-Borg

Mike Ghiglieri The Mercedes place is ridiculous. Should be in auto row with the rest of the car places. Plenty of empty space there.

Cinfonie Bayone

Who want to pay 60K+ for a used car!


Vinny Vance

Mike Ghiglieri Why does a business that provides jobs bother you so much?…You think Round Table was an architectural gem?…


Mike Ghiglieri

Vinny Vance I have nothing against jobs. As the article mentions, there will already be be a 25 acre biotech campus. Build something else that may be useful to the area.

As for the Mercedes Benz dealership in a residential area, again nothing against jobs. What about all the restaurants that were closed in that area? All those people lost their jobs.

Orchard Supply Hardware used to be there until Lowes screwed those workers out of jobs. I would rather see an Outdoor Supply Harware instead of Mercedes Benz. That would still bring in jobs and make more sense.


Orshi Corpos

We don’t need more biotech we need housing. This sucks.


Marsha Wray

Orshi Corpos there will be 1000 apartments at the Tanforan site. I can only imagine the traffic.


Orshi Corpos

Marsha Wray apartments are not the answer we need affordable houses/townhomes. Not million dollar ones either.


Vinny Vance

Marsha Wray There is/was always lots traffic there…


Marsha Wray

Vinny Vance yes with four stop lights in a two block area. It will be horrible.


Marsha Wray

Orshi Corpos good luck with that. Won’t be around here. Unless you have several million dollars.


Orshi Corpos

Marsha Wray that’s what I’m saying. That’s ridiculous for any house for an average person.


Marsha Wray

Orshi Corpos Tanforan won’t have single family homes. There will be some built on the old Crestmore HS site, but you know they will be costly.


Mike Agostinelli Jr.

Yay! More tech bros and more congestion in one of the busier areas of San Bruno! What could possibly go wrong??


Vinny Vance

Mike Agostinelli Jr. Nothing…Literally…


Estrada LeAnna

Closing the theater down the street was the start of their downfall. Also, connecting Bart didn’t bring in more shoppers…it brought in people causing trouble and shoplifting So many memories there! Sadly, there will only be Serramonte and Hillsdale indoor mall left around the area.


Anthony Scerri

Estrada LeAnna spot on!


Hassan Ar

Let’s all be honest here. Tanforan was never much of a mall. It was never able to take off for some reason. The store selection was horrible. Take out the Target and it’s pretty much useless.


Vinny Vance

Hassan Ar You are spot on…Most people here are thinking with the nostalgic part of their brains…


Vicki Catalano Hurd

Hassan Ar and everyone on here complaining so sad, Tanforan is closing, I bet they haven’t shopped there in a year


Hassan Ar

Vicki Catalano Hurd Exactly!


Vinny Vance

Vicki Catalano Hurd Yup…


John Amodia

Hassan Ar it was good back in the ‘70’s. Everything in SSF was good. Then little by little it was taken over. I lived in Westborough . Really nice neighborhood then all of a sudden the shopping center smelled like an open air fish market.


Amy Deangelis

So upset about this . Our city needs a mall . I don’t want to go to serramonte . I love our mall  the old tanforan was the best . I wish this didn’t have to happen


Vinny Vance

Amy Deangelis The last thing we literally need is a mall…


Amy Deangelis

Vinny Vance excuse me I’ve lived in San Bruno my whole life so my parents have memories there I do and my children do . So I have a right to be sad . Don’t be that person .


Vinny Vance

Amy Deangelis The world doesn’t revolve around your memories…Maybe think about someone besides yourself who could benefit from this…


Vicki Catalano Hurd

Amy Deangelis the mall is closing because no one shops there!! It can’t stay open because you want to save a memory. It needs to make money to survive.


Amy Deangelis

Vicki Catalano Hurd all you people are very sad and angry people .


Vicki Catalano Hurd

Amy Deangelis all you people?! What does that mean?


Justin Guzman

Amy Deangelis I had met Maria there once before ‘officially’ meeting her years later.


Amy Deangelis

Justin Guzman so many good memories


Rebecca Renteria

Amy Deangelis what stores did you shop at (at Tanforan) let’s be honest about that mall. It’s pathetic!


Lupe Dominguez Zamudio

Hoping they at least leave the Century Theatre! There are no good shopping areas for us to shop at.


Patricia Baker

Lupe Dominguez Zamudio the theater is inside the mall, so I doubt it will be retained.


Loretta Fornaciari

When Tanforan was built my friends and I would spend all day walking thru the mall. The shops were very different then. There were record stores, stores you could by black light posters, incenses and even bongs, and roach clips and anything you need to smoke pot. There were greeting card stores. There was a pet store. There was even an antique store.


Jo Ann Vear

Loretta Fornaciari I remember when it was a race track. It was also a holding camp for the Japanese prior to being sent off to internment camps during WWII


Karen Davenport

Loretta Fornaciari We’d sneak into all the “R” rated movies when we were around 12. Never got caught! We also frequented all the shops you mentioned. Sad to see it go.


Uiki Lagafua

Gonna miss Tanforan wish they would move it somewhere els around the San Bruno area instead of totally forgetting about it. Rebuild it


Jennifer Braginsky

We need a bookstore locally – is Barnes and Noble going to move somewhere else? There are empty storefronts in the Colma shopping center.


Gita Wylder

Not looking forward to construction! The gophers are tearing apart my lawn


Coleman Yee

Gita Wylder mine too


Andrea Carey Villa

I read an article that said the new companies would bring in higher paying jobs but for who? I’m sure to qualify you will need some type of bioscience degree or experience. Isn’t there plenty of those types of businesses in the Oyster Point area?


Yolanda Buckley

Andrea Carey Villa there is a lot of construction in Brisbane as well


Viviana Marrone

Andrea Carey Villa

Correct. It’s not likely local people will be taking those jobs, they’ll be bringing in employees making high wages and then the prices of everything will go up because the newcomers will be able to afford higher rents, higher house prices, higher food prices, etc.

The elitists want the locals to move away so the Peninsula can be urbanized without the protests of we little people.


Andrea Carey Villa

Viviana Marrone, once again nothing for the local people. City Officials are always looking to attract outsiders and ignore the residents. We can’t even get a new grocery store, let alone affordable housing.


Vinny Vance

Viviana Marrone Oh, egads, the elites are coming!…Hide the children!…


Vinny Vance

Andrea Carey Villa You literally don’t know anything about it, yet you make ridiculous assumptions about it…


Vicki Catalano Hurd

Viviana Marrone no. All companies do not hire only people with degrees. They need housekeeping, administration, mail room to run a company.


Viviana Marrone

Vicki Catalano Hurd

Yes, they do, and I hope that they hire locals first.


Coleman Yee

Andrea Carey Villa oyster point is growing at a verrry fast pace


Vinny Vance

Andrea Carey Villa Higher education…Give it a shot…


Vicki Catalano Hurd

Andrea Carey Villa not true!! All companies don’t only require degrees. There are opening in admin, housekeeping, mail rooms- way more opportunities than just the high ones. Also a good reason to go back to school and maybe better ourselves?


Andrea Carey Villa

Vicki Catalano Hurd, I partially agree, but office work is not like the old days.

Because of computer technology a lot of admin positions are no longer needed because upper management does their own work using emails, text messaging, Word, Excel for spreadsheets and record keeping. If the office doesn’t have visitors/customers there really is no need for a receptionist.

Also, many companies have gone paperless so there is not much mail going out or coming in. Again, depending on the business. I can’t say how much mail a bioscience company would have but I do know the bioscience company in my office building doesn’t receive much mail and don’t even have a FAX machine, which is literally obsolete ! Most communication is done by emails. Even in my company.

A lot of people work from home so they work independently. Because people are choosing this option there are now more vacant office buildings that are not needed. Not operating an office saves the company a huge amount of money. Again, not all companies can operate this way but since COVID started we are seeing more office sites empty.

I’ve worked for several large companies that didn’t own the building and the office cleaners were always hired out through independent cleaning sources.

I will definitely agree with you that it’s always benifical to educate yourself and learn something new and I’m sure there a lot of people that would take advantage of it but unfortunately many people don’t have the monetary funds to go to college or trade school let alone go back to better themselves. One of our country’s biggest downfall. Education comes with a huge costs !


Debbie Hamilton Wydler

Don’t need Bio-Tech at a time when many are learning that they can save in million dollars buildings and have their employees work from home ??????

Bad investment maybe ?


Brian Cassidy

Debbie Hamilton Wydler pretty sure you need labs


Debbie Hamilton Wydler

Brian Cassidy yep sure do. There are many of those in the East grand area.


Vinny Vance

Debbie Hamilton Wydler No, it’s not a bad investment…


Joe Bacigalupi

That mall was empty ! Half the stores in the mall weren’t being rented or even opened. The only thing it had going for it was bj’s, target and the movie theatre. let’s be real people


Kirill Devyatov

Joe Bacigalupi agreed. Progress is good.


Isa Jasmin

Joe Bacigalupi that part! Good memories for sure but tanforan has been on the downfall – wasn’t worth going anymore


Rebecca Renteria

Joe Bacigalupi target is staying. From what I read they were not apart of the sale. The store will stay.


Maurine Ridings

More traffic and housing shortages. The demise of brick and mortar stores


Kim Marenco

People over money!! They just remodeled the mall.

That’s so unfair to the community to take away the Mall for greed!!


Riza Thomas-Solis

And I hope the ones that already reside here in the area are not pushed out of our homes


Geni Wisnewski

Better look into rent control we know what these tech companies due for rents raise them way to high


Lucinda Denning

Its kinda sad but we really need better things in San mateo county. But that area is bad with the smash and grabs, homeless around tanforan and around where burger kings and strabucks is. Everywhere else has these discounts malls and walmarts and the peninsula has crap.


Edward Jonathan Dizon

Lucinda Denning I would love to see a Walmart move in somewhere close


Lucinda Denning

Edward Jonathan Dizon i know we have to go all the way to mountain view or union city


Edward Jonathan Dizon

Lucinda Denning I know. It’s ridiculous. I have a feeling it has something to do with San Mateo and San Francisco County and having a big box store like Walmart. Too woke, but really it would be nice to have a few around here


Joe Sheridan

What happen to all the planned housing?


Randy Randleman

Joe I think they found some deep pockets instead


Joe Sheridan

Randy Randleman that’s probably true.


Dermot Cronin

Joe Sheridan wasn’t the housing voted down? Not at that site, but others.


Joe Sheridan

Dermot Cronin I didn’t hear that. I know at ECR and San Bruno got voted down.


Steven Douglas

Joe Sheridan I agree. Newpark is planning lol sometime to do housing.


William Clemente Reyes

Rents is going to increase again, not fun being priced out again


Vinny Vance

William Clemente Reyes When has your rent ever decreased?…


William Clemente Reyes

Vinny Vance lol i laugh and then cry with your reply


Darlene Sheldon

That was a great Mall back in the 70’s and 80’s, it sucked last time I visited it. Sad to see it go though for something that will only benefit a few.


Dana Compani

why not make it a horse racetrack again! Creating jobs and recreation.


Matt Norte

Bring back history


Raymond Peng

Serramonte was dying but rejuvenated …. Why can’t tanforan do the same?


Uiki Lagafua

Raymond Peng foreal id rather go to Tanforan than Serramonte


Lynn Brunetti Ellison

I never shop there anymore. So many closed store fronts and to much crime.


Jim Antonis

Partly to blame is Tanforan management.. the store fronts to rent are rediculously high.. Tanforan used to be a great lil mall.. yes I’m talking late 70’s and early 80’s Emporium, Sears, JC Pennies.. never had the stores like Hillsdale

But it went down hill leaving a lot of empty store fronts… A lot of memories there working at the theaters when I was 15 then on to Sears.. Sad


Uiki Lagafua

Oh well Hillsdale mall it is


Michele Lynn Tambini

hoping the theatre and Target stays….it says in article they just purchased main mall, Jcpenneys and sears…this will be crazy though when they start demolishing….and no date posted for when that will happen


Vinny Vance

Michele Lynn Tambini Why will it be crazy?…


Rachel Albovias Cornelio

Michele Lynn Tambini according to this article from August of last year, ETA for groundbreaking is 2024 or 2025…/article_cee47822-f367…

Big changes set for Tanforan


Big changes set for Tanforan


Brian Cassidy

All I know is they better find a new location for orange julius or I’m gonna be pissed!


Anna Paganelis

Brian Cassidy, is that all there is??


Brian Cassidy

Anna Paganelis that and Mrs fields!


Andy Fresquez

Brian Cassidy you also forgot about the original cookie factory, where you got the warm chocolate chip cookies


Manny Hernandez

Brian Cassidy Yeah Serramonte lol


Octavio Reyes Lomeli

Only thing worth saving is target


Diane Smyth-Garner

The mall was terrible!


Ann Kidd Cruz

Diane Smyth-Garner it wasn’t when we were young!


Diane Smyth-Garner

Ann Kidd Cruz those were the good old days


Thelma Welch

Boooooo There’s not going to be much left to do in this city. Too many buildings and traffic as it is!!


Dave Marroquin

Better jobs than a mall.


Judy Nand Petersen

Going to miss Barnes and Nobles


Andy Murphy

Historical Landmark.


Bernard G. Manansala

The way I see it, this is a better option than letting the property blight.


Jeffrey Soria

Change is inevitable but memories remain I remember seeing Star Wars, Rocky, Jaws at the underground movie theater…


Mathew D. Kasper

Jeffrey Soria always double features good memories!


Dennis Costanzo

Jeffrey Soria

Me too, must be close in age.


Jeffrey Soria

Dennis Costanzo 54 in April so I remember when the mall was thriving


Mathew D. Kasper

Jeffrey Soria 52 April Tanfran was awesome place to get dropped off by the parents when we was kids


Dennis Costanzo

Jeffrey Soria

59 in June, I remember it well. I lived a few blocks away, it was our go to place to hang out as pre teens and teenagers and yes, it was thriving throughout the early 70’s and 80’s.


Jamie Pereyda Karayan

In the last few months, I’ve been hassled by panhandlers outside Target Tanforan. One of them even followed me and my baby to my car in the parking lot after I said no. I won’t miss shopping here.


Judy Cox

Whenever I hear Tanforan it reminds me of the racetrack that was there years ago before the highway was built.


Helen Franco

I am happy for Serramonte Shopping Center. I think Target is staying.


Jane B Borg

I still go to the Barnes & Noble bookstore – I will miss that.


Wendy Sanchez

Jane B Borg yes! Sucks it’s the only bookstore left and now it will be gone.


Shawn Dennis

Learned to drive at the parking lot across the street.


Mike Winslow

I’m sure they’ll slap ol’ Seabiscuit in the lobby of their huge office campus… they’ll figure that’s they’re social appeal to the lands history. Unless somebody finds out something they didn’t LIKE about Horse Racing history…. then, it will HAVE to come down…

Ryan Scott

All the people going to lose their jobs cuz of this…very sorry to hear this.


Karl Sichlinger

It is all about money. We will all be priced out.


Coleman Yee

why did they even build the tesla superchargers there

or did they build those before the biotech company even arrived? kinda clever kinda not


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

I did all my Christmas shopping there every year.


Evie Gonzalez

Just wondering what is the price point of “AFFORDABLE” housing?!?!


Lori Amoroso Heizmann

I thought the concept of office space was dead, isn’t everyone working from home now? Is this redevelopment a good idea?


Rebecca Renteria

Lori Amoroso Heizmann I think it’s going to a lot of biotech hubs (locations for large meetings) and lab space. I’m usually a bit anti developments but this one is a decent idea..


Lori Amoroso Heizmann

Thank God they are keeping Target!


Michael Farfan

This is outrageous!!! Riots shall soon follow (I hope).


Coleman Yee

Michael Farfan nobody gonna riot over tanforan.


Gabriela Ramirez

Not excited at all. This is not okay!


Karen Richards

Sad but maybe stores are not renting as much. Where will people go to shop now?


Cat Muhammad

That’s my spot! I’m really gonna miss it!


Karen Lenet Snyder

Sad. Used to be good shopping there.


Crespin Gonzalez

That’s great,


Ydnas Borcop

When will Tanforan Mall completely close?


Christian Petrakis

Ydnas Borcop yes its going to close and be demolished


Ydnas Borcop

Christian Petrakis yes I see that but my question was when will it completely close?


Christian Petrakis

Ydnas Borcop sorry must have misread. Thought you said will it close


Ydnas Borcop

Christian Petrakis it’s ok


Cherie Sekulich

Ydnas Borcop they didn’t say but there are no stores open inside it


Monica Burke

Cherie Sekulich yes, there are still store open inside and they just put planet fitness in.


Ydnas Borcop

Cherie Sekulich every single store is completely closed?


Tati Michaelis

Cherie Sekulich I was literally there yesterday. There’s a handful of stores open and so is the whole food court


Cherie Sekulich

Tati Michaelis handful yes. But all the main spaces where the big bucks would bring in money is empty. And the food court has half the amount of restaurants open then it had before the pandemic.


Cherie Sekulich

Monica Burke that’s true. Crazy. Bet planet fitness owners aren’t too happy with that


Judy Ickler Ponkey

Tanforan was my hangout as a teen. Lots of memories


Evie Gonzalez

Judy Ickler Ponkey I did like Tanforan!


Judy Ickler Ponkey

Evie Gonzalez it’s sad because there is not enough land in California to constantly be building places for people to live. The increase in traffic will be a nightmare !!


Evie Gonzalez

Judy Ickler Ponkey I know, only up!


Christian Arevalo

When does it close?


Jennifer Franzen

I’ll miss it


Frances M. Fuhrman

Not happy!

Loie Gardner

OH NO!!!!!!!


Madolyn Agrimonti

Or not!


Mason Goldman

Not like it could have been turned into much needed housing or anything….


Dave McCarthy

Mason Goldman oh hell no !!! They build new and add the names ‘luxury’ or ‘exclusive’ and and charge $4000/month for 300sq ft.


Vinny Vance

Dave McCarthy Why do you hate capitalism?…


David Hernandez



Matt Idizzle

Great jobs, innovations, and public transportation accessible – great for everyone! We’ll be the leading biotech hub in NorCal!


Coleman Yee

Matt Idizzle we already are


Matt Idizzle

Coleman Yee I meant to say north western coast. SD may be a rival.


Shakeel Taiyab

Tanforan has been dead of years


Vinny Vance

You know who will miss Tanforan?…No one…But the pearl-clutching will continue from the nostalgia set, who put their dreamy teenaged memories ahead of jobs and housing…Let’s face it folks, it’s a hole…Frankly, the Japanese Americans who were interned there, and their descendants would be glad to never hear the word Tanforan for the rest of their lives…If you want to live in the past, move to Alabama…I’m not going to miss it one bit…


Laurence Ali

Online shopping taking down big malls

Laura Flynn Peradotto

Nothing there but Target and Pennys and lots of shot stores.


Claudine Lo



Jheri Giggalow

Let’s go loot the effffffff outta tanforan beh beh !!!!!!


John Sims



Lupe Jimenez

South city & San Bruno, San Mateo county’s most greedy cities…


Diana Mullen

The rent is so expensive now.


Sandy Romeo Raz

Sickening !!!


Kelly Young

I haven’t lived in South City since 2002, haven’t been to Tanforan in years however my first job was at Target and there is so many childhood memories. I understand the brick and mortar malls are disappearing thanks to online shopping and now covid.. but I don’t think it was a good idea.


Christine Schulz

I am so sad. Tanforan has been these since I was born- looked different back then. I always begged my oldest sister to take me and she would. The day after she died I went to Tanforan and just sat there in the middle of the mall crying my eyes out. Somehow I felt closer to her. I feel like going there and crying again. This neighborhood is nothing like what I grew up in. Time to retire and move away. So….sad.


Antonette Tonina Machi

Not happy at all. I shop there


Ann Neumann



Tammy Chu

Jennifer Ma Kelley Lau omg


Jennifer Ma

Tammy Chu all of tanforan


Tammy Chu

I’m not sure


Jessica Bloat

I heard about that

Jerry Barajas

Tanfo sucked anyways


Donna Dennis

I saw Poltergeist at the movie theater. My first job was at the fabric store. Bought my first make up at the Fashion Fair counter at the Emporium’s. Getting drinks at Orange Julius. Bought a leather bomber jacket at The Limited (my first real expensive clothing purchase). All at Tanforan.


Anson Snow

Exceot the jobs are for immigrants on a h1v1 visa


Cecy Ramirez

What why there goes some of my childhood memories


Ashley Gavidia

Does anyone know when it closes?


George Debbie Puddy Fagnani



Dolores Verna Junge Hutchison

Wow no more shopping. Everything is going to be online.


Madolyn Agrimonti

Maybe they made an in lieu deal to set aside $ to build it somewhere else?


Butch Portillo

I have no problem with it as long as they employ US born citizens and NO outside countries like China


Stephanie San Miguel

sad rent will go up in ssf and San bruno…again. smh


Aaron Ogawa

Worst idea ever

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1 year ago

Rebuild Tanforan at Spruce and El Camino. Make it multi floors like Westwood.

J Hsu
J Hsu
1 year ago

Bummer they couldn’t figure something out besides a biotech hub. Why can’t the Northern Peninsula have a Stantana Row like shopping area? Retail is not dead, just needs to be reimagined.

I feel like the city councils in this area are shortsighted, letting the developers do what they will and leaving a mess in their wake. I don’t want this to be like San Francisco or any downtown where life leaves at 5PM and the weekend. That doesn’t benefit us neighbors.

Oh and the salt on the wound is if they get this done before that Safeway on El Camino gets done/or even started, and the movie and theater and all these projects in SSF languishing…..

Last edited 1 year ago by J Hsu
Renee Aubuchon
Renee Aubuchon
1 year ago

This is so very sad. It reminds me of what happened in San Francisco when high tech came in and destroyed community resources people living there counted on and loved. So now we will have no local bookstore? No movie theater nearby? And what of the people who work there and have retail jobs? I doubt a lot of them will qualify for the high tech jobs that will be based in the former mall. San Bruno administrators may be happy about the money and high tech jobs this change will bring in, but for so many people like myself who loved Tanforan and cherished it as a valuable community resource it is a very sad day. A very sad day indeed.