South San Francisco City Council Honors Daniela Jonguitud, Founder of CHAJINEL Home Care Services, with Proclamation of Women’s History Month

South San Francisco, CA   March 10, 2020

Daniela Jonguitud, of South San Francisco, was honored by the South San Francisco City Council last evening, with a Proclamation of Women’s History Month with Vice Mayor Nicolas presenting the accolades. Jonguitud, an immigrant from Mexico, has worked hard to create her business, CHAJINEL Home Care Services. Her industry calls on her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and she is currently establishing additional facilities in other locations outside of California.  A single mom, Jonguitud understands the challenges many women face and the need to dig deep to keep on creating the life she has envisioned.


“For us, a business owned and founded by females, it is an honor to receive this proclamation. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community of SSF and our aging community. It is a great honor to be a woman during these times.” Jonguitud tells us


Daniela Jonguitud with Vice Mayor Nicolas


“Being a woman in the 21st century is not an easy task, being a businesswoman, an immigrant, a single mother, is even harder.

Today, I want you to know woman that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I salute you, and I recognize the importance of your input in our community.

But also today, I want to focus more than in what divide us, in what UNITE us. Females and males need each other to coexist in every level. My wish is that today and during this month, we can focus on finding balance, strength in our differences, and above all, be able to recognize that our growth would not be possible if we were not holding each other.

 I want to invite you to just be, without dividing, just be. Because it is your strength woman the one that our community needs, and that can only be found and shared by you. Be strength, be courage, be love, be patience, be resilience, be creation, be wild.

Thank you for the honor of representing women today, thank you to all women and men who have held space for me to become who I am. Thank you to all women and men who have led the way for women like me, to have the opportunities we have nowadays.

Happy women’s history month. “


-Daniela Jonguitud, Founder and CEO of CHAJINEL Home Care Services


Daniela Jonguitud also sits on the Board of Directors for the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and in her free time, you can find her enjoying playtime with her pup, or hiking in the woods.

We congratulate Daniela on this honor.


Daniela finds peace with her 10-month old pup Deja “She brings a balance to my life”


CLICK HERE to learn more about CHAJINEL Home Care Services.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

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