The Road of a Holistic Companion

March 25, 2022 – From Chajinel March 2022 Newsletter: The Road of a Holistic Companion

 Reciprocity to our Grandparents

When was the last time you spent time with an aging citizen, and understood their needs?

This is a foreign concept for a lot of us nowadays. We are a society focused on development and growth in all ways possible, and this unconsciously creates an environment that limits independence, and functionality in the aging community. Moreover, nowadays a lot of efforts are focused on preventing aging. This results  in a sense of exclusion and expiration that harms out community, welcoming an unconscious rejection of experiencing the physiological process of aging in an individual.

Do you look forward to the experience of aging?

As a result, we have been adapting to these constant changes that affect our society and the senior industry. This stigma towards aging, has affected the duty of a geriatric companion (caregiver), and impacts their valuable job, and income. Everyone wants to be part of the future (youth), while we forget our roots (elders.) Moreover, it has also created detachment, lack of empathy and compassion towards the life experiences of an aging adult.

As a community, it is imperative that we bring aging and its acceptance to the conversation. Aging friendly cities, supermarkets, and government offices are of the essence. Creating friendly policies for aging citizens, and proper training for the understanding of the aging community can make an impact in their ability to continue to be functional, independent, and part of the community. Inclusion goes beyond gender education because if we are not capable of including our aging community then we must be doing something wrong.


The Chajinel team has created specialized training focused on bringing back the consciousness needed to approach our aging community as organizations or individuals, from a place of empathy, and respect. This is the reason we exist.

The word consciousness is defined as the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.

Conscious healing is not the same as health. Healing indeed, requires acknowledgement and integration of all the aspects of your body, mind, and soul. Healing will take place when you start giving the time and effort into the wellbeing of each of those systems and recognizing that they are all interconnected.

The first step to make you conscious of yourself and surroundings starts by focusing on your breath. Becoming conscious of the mere act of breathing and redirecting your attention to it will make a huge impact on your physical, and emotional wellbeing. It is believed that we use only 20% of our lung capacity. We breathe unattended, and this minimizes the benefits we can receive from oxygen. Deep slow breathing, and holding your air for a few seconds will bring you back to the present moment and oxygenate better every cell of your being.

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