Letter to Editor: Why is Library Seeking Donations – What of Measure W Funds?

South San Francisco, CA April 5, 2022 by South San Francisco Neighbor

Dear Editor and the People of South San Francisco:

 I’m sure you have seen this message from the “foundation”……  It upsets me that they are asking for donations.  Wasn’t the library part of the 30 year tax increase of 0.5% voted   on Measure W in 2015.  Unfortunately this tax measure was approved – wasn’t the tax suppose to support the new library, as well as the new police station, etc.  In addition, there was “suppose” to be accountability of these funds to the citizens. Has this accountability ever been published in the “newsletter” that sometimes gets delivered by the USPS? (Personal note-I never got the notice for the water or the spring clean up flyers).

How does the South San Francisco sales tax compare to the rest of CA?

Higher sales tax than 89% of California localities
The 9.875% sales tax rate in South San Francisco consists of 6% California state sales tax, 0.25% San Mateo County sales tax, 0.5% South San Francisco tax and 3.125% Special tax.
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Eckner Padilla
Eckner Padilla
2 years ago

The voters never approved a library of this size, that was the City’s first mistake, it was the City bamboozling the community as they never invited us to plan one and now we have this ‘thing’ that is over budget, and run out of money. The City is essentially mortgaging the infrastructure,( the new police dispatch), to acquire funds for more building : (fire station) we can’t afford, or need, as it builds us into debt the community can’t afford way into the future. All I ever wanted and so did the community, was a new pool at Orange Park. We are getting that, but not how it will be funded.
The Library Foundation has agreed through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to funnel funds it collects to the Civic Campus using city resources, which may be a violation of 501c restrictions.
Half Moon Bay is a small town that built their library and is operational for 3 years,after those voters rejected a small tax. Their council got to work and built a nice small library. Contrast this ‘thing’ SSF can’t even finish.
Bad government at work again. Don’t give them one penny~ The citizen oversight the City promised has yet to hold a meeting reporting funds it collects in 2022.
Is it any wonder the community feels alienated from its local government because we have been lied to once again.

2 years ago

The South San Francisco Public Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. It supplements tax-based city funding. In other words, taxes fund the basics, and your friends and neighbors who love the library and want it to offer services beyond the basics raise money for the benefit of everyone who uses the library. If you don’t want to give them money or don’t like the way donations are being used, you don’t have to give them a cent.

Renee Aubuchon
Renee Aubuchon
2 years ago

I am not donating to a building that looks liked rolled up spaghetti. I would like to know, though, what is going to happen to the building the West Orange library is currently in? I love that place, except for the elevator, which I can’t imagine anyone loves.