SIGN UP NOW for April 2nd Livable California Teleconference on Housing

South San Francisco, CA  April 1, 2022 from Livable California


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Join us tomorrow, April 2 at 10 am, as Livable California holds a discussion of the divide between Californians and a small cadre of state leaders trying to dictate local growth, zoning, parking  — even whether your street can have trees and yards.


On March 24, Bay Area state Sen. Wiener ratcheted up his war on homeowners, telling the state Senate Housing Committee that Wiener chairs:


“As a matter of saving Mother Earth from climate destruction … single family homes and backyards are not going to be the sustainable future.” – Scott Wiener, March 24, 2022


What will be sustainable? Miles of cement? Luxury $5,000 high-rise units that very few of us can afford? Empty transit cars? Half-idled business districts?


We’re small fry questioning a few electeds at the state level who author laws that are worsening housing prices, harming the environment, destroying local planning — and now forcing reasonable California cities to go to court.


So we thank you so much for making a modest donation today to Livable California. We’re little guys, so please  donate here now, and we thank you kindly!


The State should NOT be in the local urban planning business. The State struggles to oversee its own deeply troubled or scandal-ridden departments:

  • $20 billion fraud at EDD (Employment Development Department) – billions of our money, lost to scammers while the state wasn’t watching.
  • Mismanagement of the state Housing and Community Development Dept, unveiled in a new audit — the very department that orders cities how to do local planning!


That’s why a highly diverse group of medium-sized cities — Whittier, Carson, Torrance and Redondo Beach — have sued State Attorney General Bonta to rein in SB 9.


And as Pasadena’s mayor said this week, “Under SB 9, with limited exceptions, four units are allowed on every single family residential parcel in our city. Can you say, overdevelopment?”


We hope to hear from local officials Saturday. Please join us at 10 a.m. tomorrow!



If you have previously attended our teleconferences use your previously assigned zoom link. We resend those on Friday night for your convenience. Please don’t share your unique link. 


First-time attending? You must RSVP at this link. Questions about attending? Email us at:


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