Oyster Point Kilroy – Project Status Update May 16, 2022

South San Francisco, CA  May 17, 2022  Press Release

Activities Completed Since January Project Status Update:

  •  (4 tokens for 4min) Car wash tokens have been purchased for distribution to Marina tenants
    • Clearwater Car Wash: 227 Hillside Blvd South San Francisco, Ca 94080
  • Oyster Point Blvd. Directional Signage
      1. Please follow directional signage for traffic entering new Oyster Point Blvd.
        • Northbound traffic should stay on the right-hand side of the median when crossing the new intersection.


  • Construction site track out
    1. Sweepers are constantly sweeping road to clean away any track out from construction site
    2. Rumble strips have been installed at construction entrances within the new parking lot to mitigate dust and track out.


  • Bay Trail Path of Travel (See Exhibit)
    1. There is no Bay Trail connector across Oyster Point Blvd. All pedestrians using the Bay Trail should follow the path of travel noted on the Bay Trail Path of Travel Exhibit. Pedestrians should not cross the street in front of the Kilroy Office Building.
    2. A temporary pedestrian crossing will be constructed for future use as part of the Kilroy Phase 2 project (completion date unknown).
    3. Reminder: Please be vigilant when crossing the street around the project site and check both ways for traffic.
    4. Bay Trail Closure 5/17 to 5/18, Reopening 5/19. Please reference attached Detour Plan.


  • Upcoming Work Events
  1. Paving along Oyster Point Blvd, Marina Blvd, new parking area, and Bay Trail May 18-23.
    • Please reference attached notice with Important Dates
  2. Bay Trail Improvements to continue through June, 2022.
  3. Marina Landscaping to continue through June, 2022.
  4. PG&E permanent power to the Marina – June/July 2022.
  5. Marina restroom construction completion – June/July 2022.
    • Restroom availability tied to PGE permanent power.


  • Kilroy Phases 2-4
  1. Phase 2D Parking Garage Construction through 2023
  2. Phase 2D Building Construction through 2024
  3. Phase 3C Streets Construction to start beginning of 2023.


Claim Procedure: OPDpublic@teichert.com or mail to 384 Oyster Point Blvd Suite 16
Step 1: Provide documentation with photos as proof of claim to this email address.
Step 2: KOP team will review the claim and documents (allow 7-10 business days to review the document)
Step 3: KOP will contact the tenant to schedule the inspection
Step 4: KOP will make a decision based on the inspection report


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