Bravo Pizza on Grand Avenue South San Francisco Selling Restaurant Items

South San Francisco, CA  June 3, 2022

The Bravo Pizza Restaurant is now featured on Facebook for sale, as we’ve learned they are closing. Some locals speculate the rents have gone up, and many are lamenting the closure of yet another favorite eatery on Grand Avenue. To date, we have lost long-time favs including Galli’s Bakery, Ed’s Diner, DiNapoli, Toppers, and Bertolucci’s as well as more current favs like Nick’s Vegan.

Many items for sale, including the kitchen sink! {more info click HERE}


What other local favorites are you missing? Tell us below!


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Kevin Kinchen
Kevin Kinchen
1 year ago

I offer bravo pizza, 50k 6 month ago, and they laughed at me. I told them if was a fair price for how much the profits was. People are going to learn the hard way in this future slow down, like landlords. They will be empty until they learn to lower price.