City of South San Francisco Kicks Off Phase Two of the Orange Memorial Park Restoration Project

South San Francisco, CA  June 15, 2022 Press Release

Orange Memorial Park to undergo a full renovation and become a multi-sport, all-weather field


For years, the South San Francisco sports community has made both small and large requests for the Orange Memorial Park fields, but now, this 60-year-old park is about to have a facelift. Now that Phase One of the Orange Memorial Park Restoration Project, which is a first-of-its-kind regional storm water capture project is complete, work has begun on the new sports fields. Residents, summer camp kids, and the South San Francisco City Council and staff gathered on the future site of the multi-sports field to commemorate the beginning of Phase Two construction.


“It’s time and we couldn’t be more excited for our community,” said South San Francisco Mayor Mark Nagales. “Our maintenance staff has worked tirelessly to patch the irrigation, reseed and top dress the grass, and make repairs to fences, bleachers, and lighting as necessary – now we will have an up-to-date, multi-sport, all-weather field that residents can enjoy year-round.”


“Determining what this multi-sport, all-weather field will look like was the result of many community meetings, where we heard from a variety of sports representatives in terms of how they envision the future of this field,” said Greg Mediati, South San Francisco Parks and Recreation Director. There was overwhelming support for installing synthetic turf to allow for back-to-back play and year-round use. Along with that, here are some of the Sports Field features residents can expect to enjoy once completed


  • Electronic Scoreboards
  • Sports Field lighting
  • Enhanced planting areas
  • Spectator areas
  • One Adult/Teen Baseball Diamond with Dugouts, Bullpens & Batting Cage
  • One Adult/Teen Softball Diamond with Dugouts, Bullpens & Batting Cage
  • Two Youth Baseball Diamonds with Dugouts & Bullpens
  • Two Adult Soccer Fields with Portable Goals
  • Two Junior Soccer Fields with Portable Goals
  • Four Youth Soccer Fields with Portable Goals
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Concession Building

“Having played on these fields in my youth, I know firsthand how valuable youth baseball is to our community. These field improvements, and expansion to allow for soccer, will provide years of recreation and memories for generations to come,” added Mayor Nagales.

It’s estimated the sports fields will be ready for play by Spring 2023.




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1 year ago

Great photo op – for the adults.
Kids have been beaten into submission and forced to wear face masks when they are of the age of the best health, unlike the geezers standing over them with their faces visible so everyone knows who they are, self centered.
And 2023 completion for the fields – keep pushing that down the line, we’ve heard this before.
At a meeting a few years ago at Orange Park building the City manager said they had to allow big developments to finish projects because they were paying for the new park to be completed in – 2022!
You adults should be ashamed of yourselves using these kids for your advantage.
There is no sports field and kids do not need to wear those masks.
Child abuse.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mario
1 year ago

Grass??? what happen to turf?

1 year ago

Lights, lights, Lights…