Notice of Availability for South San Francisco General Plan Update Program EIR

South San Francisco, CA June 24, 2022 Submitted by Billy Gross, SSF Principal Planner

Below is the Notice of Availability for the City of South San Francisco’s Draft Program EIR for the Proposed South San Francisco General Plan Update, Zoning Code Amendments, and Climate Action Plan.


The Draft Program EIR, including the technical appendices, can be reviewed on the General Plan website ( (scroll down to the bottom of the home page for the link), or on the City’s website at under the Planning, Environmental Reports, General Plan folder.


The City of South San Francisco is soliciting comments from responsible agencies, trustee agencies, public agencies, organizations, and members of the public regarding the Draft Program EIR. In accordance with the time limits established by CEQA, the Draft Program EIR public review period will begin on June 24, 2022, and end on August 9, 2022. Please provide your written/typed comments (including name, affiliation, telephone number, and contact information) to the address shown below by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 9, 2022:


City of South San Francisco

Planning Division

Billy Gross, Principal Planner

315 Maple Avenue

South San Francisco, CA 94080



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9 months ago

all this nonsense makes no difference if china Russia India and nearly ever other
industrialized country in the world won’t comply.

we have the cleanest air due to the fracking revolution . LNG gas is the cleanest fossil fuel there is.
you can’t run a country on solar panels and wind mills alone.

wait till there is a lithium shortage. good luck keeping your electric car going. there needs to be all above approach.

what is wrong with nuclear ? France uses it for 80% of there power. to many people in government with stupid ideas that are not ready for prime time. and will never be.
and the same elected people making a fortune from the solar panel industry.

John kerry / Nancy pelosi and others.

how about carbon capture.? other solutions .
global warming is a religion with no merit. with no real science behind it. my opinion.

there is no money in cheap affordable power that is why the globalist hate it.

follow the money! back to the dumb Paris climate accord . let’s everyone else pollute.

what we pay the price so we can (feel good) about doing something. stupid USA.