South San Francisco Locals LOVE Teani’s Italian Deli on El Camino Real

South San Francisco, CA  June 3, 2022

South City resident, Wendy Sinclair-Smith, posted this photo and story on our Facebook page which really got many of our neighbors sharing their own thoughts and memories –



“I have a picture for you. I was at Teani’s Italian Deli yesterday and visited with the owner Harold and his friends. This building is his childhood home. If you look closely on the Little Lucca’s sandwich shop’s sign you will see it says Teani’s on the top.
Harold sold Little Lucca’s 20 years ago which is now located further down El Camino Real. And after the flower shop, which had been renting Teani’s building, moved out, Harold restored the original sandwich shop.  It is now a wonderful historical museum, with families and friends from Lucca, Italy heritage visiting with increasing regularity. Here is the photo of the outside sign that could use a repaint and perhaps trim back some of the overgrown foliage.
They are located at 722 El Camino Real, between 2nd Street and West Orange.
By the way, inside his sandwich shop are photos and memorabilia and Italian snack food imports. He has a wonderful nature and enjoys rubbing elbows with all, including former Mayor Addiego, the Mayor of Lucca, Italy (SSF Sister City), and an Archbishop (recently). He is such a character.”
These are comments from our Facebook post:

Andy Fresquez
I was just there on Saturday. They have some of the best sandwiches

Mary DeMars
Why isn’t Teani’s Italian Deli shown under delis in My SSF website??

Kirsten Davis
Fav place to grab sandwiches every time I visit back home!

Deloris Dunn
Loved this place

Judy Dianos
Great sandwiches

Chit Ramilo
Agree with that. Whenever I’m around South San Francisco, never failed to stop over the Little Lucca’s Sandwich place just to have my fav. a footlong ham , bacon and cheese in a Italian
bread. Best of all in SF.

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Teani’s Little Lucca’s or Teani’s Italian Deli???

Debbie Frandsen
Miss the Bay area

Sally Johnson
Best sandwiches in town!!

Marguerite Mary Umbertus
I was fortunate to work as a clerk at the store when they lived upstairs very nice people Tiana was nice

Mary DeMars
And now Harold Teani is on his way to Italy with his daughter Christina Teani in celebration of his 80th birthday & a much needed rest

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Did he finally get there? I heard they got stranded in Lisbon 🙁

Mary DeMars
Wendy Sinclair-Smith was told that they arrived after a few delays & a couple of train trips

Dana Dwyer
Love Harold and his food so much!! The garlic sauce is so amazing!!

Kerstain Lindeborg-Guest
My cousin! His momma was my aunt! Love Harold and his family! Best food!

Richard Girard
Their sandwiches are much better than the Little Lucca up the street which Harold use to own. Harold even has the original garlic sauce too. Try it you won’t be disappointed

Scott Lesher
Richard Girard I completely agree. Little Lucca’s sandwiches may be large, but they’re completely tasteless. Teani’s has flavorful breads, rolls and meats. Miles ahead of LL.

John Curmi
Richard Girard I agree, it is a better sandwich.

Hermosa Alcántara
Richard Girard agree 💯 percent

Renee Castro Moore
Richard Girard I was in 10 th grade at SSF HIGH SCHOOL when little lucca opened BEST SANDWICHES But when it was sold I moved to Concord About a year ago we went to little LUCCA boy they changed the taste they combined hot sauce and garlic and mine was made withe lettuce tomato everything on the bottom under lunch meat it taste so GROSS

Richard Girard
Renee Castro Moore try Teani’s you won’t be disappointed

Renee Castro Moore
Richard Girard oh YESS I go there know I live in RIO VISTA know but I am able to I go to LA Tapatia on Grand Ave and Teani’s and I get large chili spread and garlic spread and I make my own cause out here there is not good sandwich shops oh out in Brentwood there is one deli it is called DINOS WELL HAVE A BLESSED DAY

April Smith
I was able to stop by a few years ago when I was in town. Harold is a joy, and he told me stories about my parents who had a store below their home. Good people

Patricia Ballestrasse
This is my favorite and Harold is the greatest!

Trisha Revilla Taylor
Love Tiani’s, the best!! Was just there last week. My sandwich was so tasty & fresh. Delicious and could have fed 3 people!

Artists On Wheels Studio

Tiani’s is our family favorite! The food is always perfect and generous, the people are always so friendly PLUS I love looking at the historical pictures and decorations around the grocery shop! It’s the best!

George Vlahakos
Better sandwiches than little luccas

Jeannette Holt
Still the best sandwiches

Sheri Medina
I like going into Teani’s. It reminds me of the deli’s of my youth…John Zuffi’s, and Armanino’s. It has that good old vibe.

Liz Vella
Sheri Medina I loved Armanino’s. There’s an Italian deli on Woodside Road in Redwood City that’s very similar if you’re ever down there. Good sammiches there too.

Tim Dinsmore
LOVE THIS! I live in southern oregon now. Disabled. Are there any younger people out there who would donate the time and materials to spruce this wonderful treasure up for them? No place like SSF. Great picture!

Sandy Lencioni
Tim Dinsmore Unfortunately… You can’t do anything around here without permits, liability insurance, etc. If anyone knows otherwise, I would be happy to help. Love this place!… In my opinion it’s much better than the little shop up the street.

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
I’m sure Harold would love people to come by and chat about this idea. He remarked to me the antiques could use a bit of dusting  Honestly I think it is museum quality stuff

Joni Morris
Nice post.It’s very good!! I wish more people knew about it. I feel sad when I see long lines at Little Lucca’s and Teani’s is right next to it. Many people are unaware.Maybe they could offer a summer coupon so more people would have it on their map.

Ramon Sim
Joni Morris selfish of me but keep as our little secret gem.

Frisco Bella
South City’s sister city is St.Jean Pied de Port in the Basque Country! Please get the facts straight! They had a plaque made that’s by orange park saying so! Facts not fiction!

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Sorry, I should have said Lucca is one of the sister cities, my bad

Phil Fioresi Sr.
Great place, I only wonder how long until our city manager and council figure a way to force him out in order to build a 7 story eyesore

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Never happen. Addiego volunteers his time for the shop. I saw him stocking the soda fridge a while ago. Didn’t recognize him (because he was wearing a face mask and baseball cap) until Harold said to me, “you know this guy don’t you?” I said “Mark???”. I also was wearing a mask. And Mark said “Wendy???”. Then we all had a good laugh

Phil Fioresi Sr.
Wendy Sinclair-Smith Addiego is one of 5 you got Nagales, Coleman and somehow Flores just got out on without people even voting for him which is total BS. That’s all you need

Phil Fioresi Sr.
Not to say Addiego wouldn’t vote for it too!

John Aguis
Love talking with Harold !

Cindy Ko
Teani’s over Little Lucca’s any day.

Mike Goulden

Grace Bertolozzi-Pierce
I like his store more than Little Lucca’s now.

Lori McGrath
You need to run for city council!

Robin Silicani Hasson
I was at Little Lucca’s yesterday before picking up people from SFO and while in line I did notice Teani’s on the sign…….I wish I would have gone down the street.

Sabrina Cezar
Love Teani’s!

Johnny B Courtade
Harold Teani !! The man!!!

So, tell us – what is YOUR favorite sandwich or deli item from Teani’s? Add your comments below!
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Michael Ruspantini
Michael Ruspantini
4 months ago

Got the Dorothy Buffalo Chicken sandwich… so good! Will come back to try foccaccia. I wonder if they have lupini beans!!

Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Wendy Sinclair-Smith
1 year ago

We had the ‘Cordileoni’ sandwich recently and got a 4 servings, delicious meaty mix with that fabulous olive spread on it. So yummy. <3

Bill Harper
1 year ago

Who remembers Costa’s

1 year ago

We only go to Teani’s. It has the freshest sandwiches and friendly staff. Unlike the once great Little Lucca’s, Lucca’s has soggy sandwiches and very long lines. Now, with the historical background, will Teani’s be designated a historical landmark? I certainly hope so, and encourage Harold to do so in that way preserving a landmark with a great history from further blight of developments.